Sunday, December 12, 2010

Small Applique Blocks!!

It occurred to me today that I might get a handle on my WIPs if I had some place to look at them all in one place!  Soooo, I will begin, in no particular order, with these three little 3" Posey Packet applique blocks from Froncie Quinn at Hoopla Patterns in VT.  My Dream in the world of Quilting would be to stay in my sewing room and sew all day.....can't happen right now!  Well, if I can't do that, I would like to be able to make one of these little applique blocks per evening!  I'm too slow.....more like two evenings!  Too, I would like to be able to make just one little log cabin block, one little Shoofly block, one Path to the Civil War block each day......eventually the quilts will get done! Good thing I am a "process person" who enjoys working on quilts every bit as much as finishing quilts!


  1. Love you little blocks :-) Gorgeous colours. The calico garden quilt is on my to do list one day too. Have the pattern. That is a start.
    Keep having fun

  2. How fun - a Nantucket basket, perhaps. Very sweet.

  3. Cyndi, your little blocks are so pretty. You have inspired me to get mine out and work on them.

  4. So sweet, Cyndi. Keep those beautiful, motivational/inspirational blocks coming!