Monday, June 21, 2010

More Fabrics

Brackman/Thomspon corner.  Can't wait for the new Brackman line "Arnold's Attic"!!
One shelf of Toiles....over 30 different ones at last count!

Homespun corner........probably 300 bolts of Moda brushed Homespuns.......LOVE plaids!  Have a comfy sofa quilt made from brushed homespun plaids.  Now I need to take another photo of Jo Morton's Homespun plaids!

Little Quilts

Here are two little quilts that I enjoyed making.  The Log Cabin logs are 1/4" and 4 on a side.  Inspired by a couple quilts seen at the Wenham Museum, Wenham MA.  This little quilt is made from the leftover blocks from a larger quilt that will be ready to be seen soon!  I have started to make blocks again for another one with 3/8" logs that will allow room to handquilt.  Took me nearly 5 years to make 380 blocks and assemble the quilt tops!!  I always have lots of things in the works......will never be bored!  One of these days I plan to show some of them.......heard recently from two different sources that one should try to make just one block per day!  Excellent Theory!    The 9-patch quilt was inspired by a Jo Morton club pattern......she made 3 little quilts with the 1.5" Nine Patches but I wanted to do a bit larger one so just kept making blocks until I ran out of the leftovers I was using from a very colorful Broken Dishes quilt top.

More Shop Photos

This is one of my 3 "Moda" corners......this one is Brannock/Patek and Misc.  Brackman/Thompson and Kansas Troubles are the other two.  Photo is kinda dark....may take another later.