Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As if I didn't have more than enough to do today (supposedly a day off!), I put this runner together that I cut out a few days ago.  Just wanted to see it finished, I guess!  Karen Montgomery's "Easy Striped Table Runner" is impressive-looking....especially when the stripes from a Jo Morton fabric matched!  My runner is a little shorter (36" x 16")than originally planned as I cut the angles wrong on the ends of the center!!  Spent the afternoon listening to 50's music and sewing (and a little "organizing" too!)......


This is a little quilt top that I made because I lost the real antique one on ebay.......think it went for about $178!!  I wanted it because it was from Maine, but it was not be.  So I made one........love the simple design!!  Am now handquilting it...........will never be worth the time I am spending on it!  But it is relaxing to quilt in the evening!

Hanging Squash

I grew a few squash plants this summer from seeds saved from a particularly good-tasting squash from last year.  The vines went everywhere and I let them...........one even climbed a tree!  The photo is not too clear, but the squash is hanging more than a foot off the ground!!


I made a shop sample pillowcase using an end of Jo Morton's banner fabric.  Then I made another to send to soldier granddaughter, Jeni.  Now, DGD would like me to make 7 more for Christmas gifts for her unit!  Oh what we Grandmothers get ourselves into!!  Looks nicer now that Suzanne rotated it vertically for me!