Friday, August 28, 2015

Winner of Giveaway Box of Samples

is Lori of!!!  I asked my random generator (husband) to pick a number between 1 and 67.......he picked 34 which turned out to be Lori's place in the list of comments!  Send me your address, Lori, and I will send them on to you!!   I think I have enough samples for 3-4 more postal boxes full and then I will go back to my Giveaway of shop scraps......which are accumulating daily!!  Anything less than 6" x 42" (which I am now rolling up into little rolls for the basket on my checkout) goes into the scrap basket!

Really like to include photographs in posts so I will leave you with this a lot of you will know what/where it is without my telling you!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Stars in a Time Warp and a Special Visitor

My Stars in a Time Warp for Lapis blue, toiles and floral trails.  Trying to use odd combinations and a few with low contrast as often found in old quilts.......

A visit by blogger Janet O (rogue quilter)!!!  She and her lovely family came to Maine to visit a couple lighthouses and drove about 100 miles out of their way to come to my shop!  I am honored to say the least!   Be sure to check out her blog.....she makes the tiniest of mini quilts!  

Summer deliveries are mostly holiday fabrics which I do not usually stock, so from Moda, "Forest Fancy" by Deb Strain, some Fall Jacobean-types!  Bright colors for me, aren't they?  

On Aug 11 Wendy (theconstantquilter) and I went to the New England Quilt Museum to see the AQSG Civil War Study Quilts and the current exhibit of quilts from New England quilt guilds.  Wendy will show you the study quilts but you can also purchase the book here!

A few Highlights of the exhibit:
Wendy displayed her "My Maine Quilt Heritage" quilt..........

This "Tree of Life" is one my Favorite Designs and the quiltmaker, Sandra Reynolds, made a fantastic rendition of it!!

Stars and Baskets by Millie Cunningham, inspired by a quilt in the Connecticut quilt documentation book.
"Simply Baltimore" by Barbara Roberge

ORANGE by Regan Martin, a fellow Mainer!  She calls it "My Jubilee 2014"
Sandra Keller's "Civil War Bride"
And another "Civil War Bride" by Stella Blunt.....

I'll leave you today with a photo of one of our pastures of "contented cows"!!

One more thing.......Wendy and I cut 1-1/2" squares for each other as we cut them for our own projects.......little box contains 1463 squares....all different....have a ways to go to match the 3347 she gave me!
And One More One More Thing.............

The newest Giveaway box of fabric samples collected for Many Years!  Small pieces are great for makers of small quilts!  There are about 90 little packages of samples and there will be More Coming Later until the box in the attic is Empty!  You know the drill....leave a comment and I will draw a random name August 27!  AND, there will more boxes to give away......looks like at least one a month for the next 4 months!