Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lots of New Stuff!!

New Fabric!  This is "Rising Sun" (18) from Washington Street Studios (P&B)......would like to make a small Medallion quilt  

More New Fabric!  This is "Star of Bethlehem" also by Washington Street Studio.  Sometimes hard to believe the brightness of the mid 19th century colors, but most of the Bethlehem Star, Mathematical Star, Lone Star (whatever you want to call it!) from that time period were bright colors!  Google it!  Here is just one from Barbara Brackman's blog "Material Culture" dated 1838-9!!

This little piece from Edyta Sitar's new book on small quilts "Little Handfuls of Scraps"  (32 darling little patterns!) consumed me for a time.....everything always takes longer than you think it should!  First of all, I thought I had a box of hst's already to go BUT they would finish 2" and I needed 1" so I had to make them.......could not bear to waste the fabric cutting the 2" blocks down!  

Pam Buda very thoughtfully sent me scraps of her new cheddar and taupe line................ first I made 4-1/2"" Shoofly blocks...then...

decided I wanted postage stamps to surround the blocks but the unit size did not compute, so I made 3" will wait for yardage to arrive to complete!  

This is what I do when I want to sew but don't know what to work on (too many choices in progress!)...have only a few done and plan to make  49 for an 84" x 84" quilt.  Kinda fun to come across old favorites buried in the bottom of the box!

Sewing 1-1/2" squares together as Leaders and Enders.....still working on the 3" Railfence blocks as Leaders and Enders too!  Then, sometimes, I just spend a Sunday afternoon finishing a bunch of the Railfence blocks!    I like the little paper-mache box that I covered with wallpaper.....need to do more someday!  I like them covered with fabric too.....either neatly or primitively!

Sunday afternoons seem to be a favorite time to sew.....last Sunday I worked on this Tumbler for Jo Club #16.   Am using the small Crumbler template that makes several sizes by Miss Rosie.  Not sure how big I will make it......looks like it will be a runner....have used up most of the tumblers I cut but found I had lots more in the box that I have not yet cut!  So I will keep going until I think I am finished!

Then......had an idea that I should use the large Crumbler by Miss Rosie to make larger Tumblers using 5" charms from "Gratitude" and "Reflections".........may take a while...will cut tumblers in odd moments until they are done BUT the fabric just keeps arriving and keeps me busy cutting half yard cuts and fat quarter bundles!!!  Now the new "Reflections" line is here and Jo's Club 36 are here!

  Better go and check the weather......heavy snow falling!  Might be the biggest snow event for us yet this winter!  Might be a blizzard if these 3 conditions prevail for 3 hours (so we won't know until it is over!)........falling/blowing snow, winds 35 miles per hour (sustaining or gusts) and visibility only 1/4 mile.  Snowblower will get a workout but it is So Much Easier to deal with than freezing rain/sleet/ice buildup!!!