Monday, November 1, 2021

October Mini with Wendy

 Finally!  Finished my replica of an antique doll quilt I've seen kicking around the internet for a while! was started in June but just couldn't find time to seek the fabrics I wanted to use.  I can sometimes remember What fabric I want to use but can't remember Where it is!  I spent far too much time seeking fabric and I hope I don't get that urge again!  After I had the quilt sandwiched, I found another fabric I liked better for the sashing but did not have the gumption to take it apart!  

This is the 1870 doll quilt I was copying.  No idea whose it is or I would give credit.  The block in the lower right is the one that gave me fits trying to match fabrics!

Now to decide on what to make for November!  First, tho, I need to make a few tablerunners/table toppers for the Church craft fair later this month.  Check out Wendy's blog "theconstantquilter" to see what others have made!

Friday, October 1, 2021

September was a long month with not much quilting accomplished!  I am terribly behind!  Got my two machines home yesterday after being serviced and am ready to make one more last pieced strip for my Quiltmania #132 quilt...I rarely name my quilts but really should think of a name for it!  BUT the highlight of this post is to show you the darling little quilt gifted to me by Janet Olsen (roguequilter) on her visit 26 Aug!  Cannot tell you how honored I am to own one of her's exquisite in every way!!  I will treasure it always!

As you can imagine, Janet, Wendy and I spent a few glorious hours together discussing quilts, fabric, life and whatever else came up!

This is my version of the cover quilt on Quiltmania #132 tho it is much larger now.....can't wait to finish it and start handquilting it..........note that I should finish my Hewson panel medallion first!  Am working on the final Flying Geese border and the quilting goes fast if I just sit down and do it!  

Hewson panel quilt (in progress since around 2013!)  Sometimes got involved in other things.....many other things........I am sure you understand!

Till next time...............Cyndi

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Oh, Yes, I Do Have a Mini Finish!

 Thought I did not have any new finished mini but I do, if you can count a tablerunner!  I made a Courthouse Step runner years ago but my daughter wanted it so I let her have it.  Missed it so I made another using random strips from a box that has been accumulating for several years!  Then, I decided it should be handquilted and now it is on my table where it belongs!

For more little quilts each month, check out Wendy's theconstantquilter

Certainly don't need another project but need something for pick-up work while the summer heat is here!  Seeing lots of "Circles" quilt lately inspired me to go through the scraps (real scraps plus the ones I Make!).  Peaceful stitching!

This little tin lunch box that contained the kit for "Hope" quilt several years ago is now the container for the circles as well as some Applecores that is my longest-term project.....started in 1994 from issue #8 of American Patchwork and Quilting!  It is nearly done......find that hand-piecing is relaxing and enjoyable!

Created the draft for this post Sep 8 and then forgot to post it!
Til next time!

Saturday, July 31, 2021

July Mini with Wendy

Killing two birds with one stone here.....always trying to do two things at once!  Received a pattern from Pam Buda (Heartspun Quilts) and here is my version of her Teeny Tiny Stars Sew Along!  Two inch stars took me longer to make than larger ones!!  Check out her blog for Sew Along instructions!

For many other beautiful Mini Quilts with Wendy, here's her blog  theconstantquilter.  My little quilt with poison green did not yet get done!  Still looking for the right fabrics!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

May Mini with Wendy

 This month's Mini Quilt with Wendy is one that has been in the works for a Long Time, so I just decided to Finish It!  Looking at it now, other fabrics I own come to mind that might have been closer to the original.  Do you Second-Guess your choices as much as I do? I handquilted with the big stitch as it seemed appropriate for this piece.

Here's the original AND I found extra photos in another File!  I enjoy studying the old fabrics.  This was said to be from PA, looks like it might have been done by a child.  Some of the fabrics look pretty early!

This was said to be the back, but it looks too small!


Already know what I want to do for next month!  Another reproduction of an antique doll quilt!  Involves poison green.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

April Mini with Wendy

This was actually my March Mini that did not make it!  So I am sliding in under the wire for April!  Felt good to get back into handquilting again!  Finished binding last evening!

The basket props are a reminder that in another life I was a basketmaker.....liked mini baskets too!  Now to go see what everyone else has made on Wendy's blog!  Hope to see you next month with another Finish!

Monday, March 1, 2021

February Mini Quilt with Wendy


Joining Wendy's Monthly Minis at Constant Quilter blog.

Well, not really That Mini because it is 18" square.  Thought about stopping at four blocks but didn't!  Might revisit that tho!  My quilt is based on a Pinterest photo I found a year or so ago and just loved.    Their 4-patches look to be about 2" but mine are 1" using the tiniest bits instead of throwing them away!  Someone else loved this quilt, too, and made her version of it.....Lori D of HumbleQuilts blog     Check it out!  Was not able to create links.....sorry.  

My quilt is machine-quilted hidden in the ditch as I am not a good machine quilter.  I may use the quilting as basting and handquilt........found a sweet little feather wreath that would work in the four squares!

And just this morning I found a quilt pattern I'd like to try for next month!  Love this not working business but will open the shop again in April IF the covid numbers stay down!

Monday, February 1, 2021

January Mini Quilt with Wendy

 When I noticed that Wendy (The Constant Quilter) had added me to her mini quilt list, I thought I had better produce!!  Long story on this one is that as you can see, Jo Morton's pattern is dated 1995 and I believe that is when I made the two stars.  Well, I either lost them or put them away (you know how that is....can't remember much any more!).  Every once in a while they would resurface and I would tell myself to finish the quilt......but didn't!  Well, now it is finished and here it is a day late.....finished the binding at 10pm last night!  

I have lots of tops that need finishing and with my so-called free time due to Covid, I should be sewing!  However, I now find lots of time to read that I haven't had since I was raising kids (when they were in school!)  AND, I have a new favorite saying ........"Maybe I'll do that tomorrow".  Anyway, I am enjoying a slower life than I have had since I opened my shop 30 years ago!  Next time I go out to the shop (after pending snowstorm!), I'll find the first little quilt of Jo's that I made and add it to this post!

If the link to Wendy does not work, you'll find her on my sidebar.  Blogger has changed the way links are made from when I posted regularly and I am not sure I did it right!