Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What's New?

Received Pam Buda's new book shipment and am just as "wowed" by it as I thought I would be!  I might even be able to keep up with this program!     What a "novel" idea to name the quilts after 19th century books!  Pam's quilt ideas are fantastic as well as her machine quilter's talents!

Photo layouts are enticing and I can't wait to get started on Something!   (Likely the log cabin as I love them so much!).  And what a nice idea to include photos of the fabrics she used and the space for quilters to plan theirs!  The pattern instructions and the Quiltmaking Techniques are both her usual top-notch style and I am sure even beginners will easily make the designs!

Wendy Reed, the Constant Quilter, has already set up a monthly challenge here!!  Scroll to her Oct 16 idea why I can't change font!

"Spice It Up" by Jo Morton is here...........a few bolts, fat quarter bundles, and 5" charms.

Next up from Jo is "Hickory Road" due in January.....ordered the whole line of typical  Civil War era reds and browns madder photo yet.   Colors are much brighter than the photos show!

Below are 5 bolts from "Sequoia" by Edyta Sitar.....could not resist her birds!

Fat quarter bundles of "Something Blue" also by Edyta Sitar!

This is an antique doll quilt offered on eBay a while back....went for a lot of $ as I recall!  Seller was from Portland,Maine.

Loved reproduced it as well as I could trying to match fabric for fabric!  This log cabin variation is sometimes called "Housetop".

Handquilted down the center of each log.  

Not much sewing got done around here this was hotter/more humid than it has been in a long time and with my sewing room on the second floor, it was too hot to work there!  So I missed my girl......we've been working together since 1990 and we are getting re-acquainted now.....latest sewing was tablerunners for my church craft fair Nov 17 and adding logs to my 6" log cabin blocks.  

I did spend time "Making Scraps" ....can't believe I was running low with 1" strips for my log cabin blocks....tying to do new fabrics as they come in and this winter will start on older fabrics in one of my closets in order to increase the lotsa color!  Even Busy one might say!

From a 6-1/2" strip of each fabric, I cut two 6-1/2" squares, two 4" x 6-1/2" rectangles, four 1-1/2" strips and four 1" strips......just started cutting four instead of two as I was using them up too fast.....

See  Pam Buda's blog for another reason I have been busy with other things!  Little tiny Uneven 9-patch blocks for a quilt needing 500+ of them!  And to see a glimpse of her quilt and heaps of little blocks! Did find I took a photo back in April of probably the first batch of blocks I made!

Until next time.........................

Monday, July 30, 2018

Maine Quilt Show PART 2

Thanks to Pam Weeks, I now have a fullsize photo of my Favorite piece in the New England Quilt Museum Exhibit at Maine Quilts.  See how huge it is?!  And I have photos of the information cards!

These broderie perse toiles surround the center bouquet.  Did I mention it is All teeny, tiny Buttonhole stitch?  I will have closeups of the Buttonhole stitch on my next post.
And a few block closeups:

I remember a rose fabric like this from "back in the day" early 1990's.  And I know definitely I had that blue fabric peeking out on the side when I opened my shop in 1990.

Now for the Baltimore Album.....there is stippling in two corners of the quilt (wish I had taken a closeup of that!).  Bea thought the quilt border needed more quilting so she would sit in a chair next to the bed and add quilting.  Unfortunately, she was unable to finish.

 Notice how the feather border is done!  Saw this within a few days of observing that same method on a Wreath, instead of a vine border) on an Amish quilt (Facebook I think) .....don't recall ever noting this design so it was odd to have seen it twice in a few days!

Was asked to show the backs of my Half-Square Triangle blocks........

Used regular nested seams for the rows and then pressed the assembly rows open.

Spun the center of the 4-Patch which makes the seam allowances all go in one direction.  When assembling the 4-Patches into a top, it should be all opposing seams if I have figured correctly.  As one commenter noted, blocks could be larger 16-Patch and it would also work!

More quilts from the show next time, as well as a lovely customer with a lovely quilt for Show & Tell!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Maine Quilt Show and Scrap Box Winner

Spent 2 hours at the Preview Evening for the Maine Quilt Show in Augusta last evening.......this exquisitely-appliqued quilt was made by a friend, Marlee Carter.  This is her rendition of the online quilt BOM "Love Entwined" by Esther Aliu from Australia.  Click to enlarge photos to see the fabulous details in the small pieces!


This is Marlee's other entry, "Ann's Legacy",  pattern by Di Ford, another Australian designer. Wish I had taken more closeups!  Her workmanship is beyond exquisite!

  Spent an hour at the New England Quilt Museum exhibit, "All in the Family", talking with Pam Weeks and Laura Lane about the magnificent reproductions that were displayed.  The exquisite applique quilts were made by sisters Beatrice Smith Utley and Barbara Smith Gray.  beginning in the 1980's......before the age of appropriate reproduction fabrics we have now....BUT you will be amazed at what they did with what they could find,  which were often decorator fabrics.  Anitz Loscalzo wrote an excellent, detailed article about these quilts and their makers in the current issue of "Blanket Statements", the quarterly newsletter from the American Quilt Study Group.
This Baltimore Album-Style Quilt was made in 199l

This was my Personal Favorite, a Broderie Perse Quilt Top, made in 1996.  The workmanship is beyond exquisite!  Center medallion of Broderie Perse bouquet surrounded with cutouts from colorful Toile that I just love!  Now for the most amazing thing......this Broderie Perse is done with teeny, tiny Buttonhole stitch with meticulous attention to matching thread colors to fabric colors! 

One of the most interesting blocks is this one with the darling little dragonfly!  Note his smile!  The blue fabric on the right was from one of the first lines I bought for my quilt shop in 1990.....called ColorWorks by Cranston Printworks.  

There are more photos to come next time!   The Scrap Box winner is Nancy E.....please contact me soon with your address and it will be on its way!