Thursday, May 29, 2014

Old Quilt and New Copy and More

Am finally recovered from the frenzy of the April Shophop And I now have a laptop here in the shop that makes it convenient to write posts during the day, as well as keep track of several baby Eagle Nests!

This is one of the quilt pattern handouts from In the Beginning Fabrics for their fabulous new "Circa 1825" fabric line.  It is downloadable here from the website.  Border fabric available in two Documented colorways plus one more!

 This is one 8" star block that I made to try the pattern.......and I love to have samples to show folks that very interesting quilt blocks can be made from the larger print fabrics!!  Have returned to the flying geese construction method of using rectangle/squares......I feel I can chain-piece them through as quickly as any method and like the little "leftovers" that remain to make tiny half-square designs.  Had to make one extra HST to make the little block of 9 units.....maybe I should just be satisfied with the 8 I get and make two little 4-unit blocks!
And Now here is an old quilt belonging to my friend, Judy Roche.  And what a scrappy quilt it is!  Could spend hours studying the fabrics!  Always looking for ones that may have been reproduced!
Fullsize shot.......don't remember the measurements but will try to find out!
You can see that this is a central medallion gone wild.  Just start with the center block and do what the quilt tells you to do as you go along!!  And don't worry too much about measurements!  Think we dated this as 4th quarter 19th century but there are earlier fabrics used also.

Love that blue!  Wish someone reproduce both blues seen below!  If someone has, and I missed it, be sure to let us know!

And here we have my friend, Mary's, copy of Judy's scrap quilt.  She did a Wonderful job using little bags of Judy's scraps that were sold at their chapter quilt show last fall.  What a wonderful idea it was for the members to make bags of scraps to sell to each other (as well as quilt show attendees if they could get there quickly enough!) for $1.....really spread those scraps around!!

New book received on the subject of Turkey Red.......haven't done any more than go through looking and the photos and reading the captions......I have too many new books!  
New fabrics arrive often!  This is "Woodlands" by Jo Morton.

And this is "Charleston", also by Jo Morton.  Next up in June and July are "Melodies" and "Haberdashery".  And nice reproductions coming also from Marcus, Moda and Windham later!

That's it for now but I will be back next time with photos from a museum exhibit of charm quilts from New England Quilt Museum that my friend Wendy and I plan to visit Sunday.  Charm quilts are just as much a Favorite of mine as are Scrap quilts!!  

Friday, May 16, 2014

More Japanese Quilts

Well, I have my slow life back and maybe will find time to do more blog posting!  The entire month of April was Shophop time and it nearly wore me out!!  

More Japanese quilts from the New England Quilt Museum.  Lovely exhibit!   Charm Quilts are the current exhibit.....another exhibit not to be missed!!

"Flower Baskets of Patterns" by Yukiko Uozumi, Saitama, Japan.  My photo of the exhibit card was too blurry to read!  Exquisite work and So Much of it!!!!

Another blurry descriptive card!  This is "In the Blue" by Soohee Lee, Korea.....made from recycled blue jeans!!  See the houses?

For perspective, those little white circles are 1/4".  My favorite quilt after the house quilt in the previous posting about the exhibit last month.
Spent the Winter (and it was a Real Winter this year......most glad to finally have the arrival of spring!) making 90 log cabin blocks for a Queen size quilt ordered by a customer.  Have to say I enjoyed making the blocks and plan to start another real soon........since it seems I did not make a dent in my supply of strips!  Have also started another group of 60 of the 3.75" log cabins in my quest to make 576 for a fullsize quilt for Myself.

This is about 1/4 of the quilt......and some close-ups.

Sweet little Tommy sleeping on my sewing machine chair.....
And of course, new Fabric arriving!  This is Circa 1825 by Sharon Yenter Evans for In the Beginning Fabrics......27 bolts.  Taken from an early Ohio Star quilt ........can't start that right now...........already have too many "Works in Progress"!!!  Until next time.................

Can never have too many Serpentine Stripes!!
Or large florals!!!  Or Indigoes!!