Thursday, April 21, 2011

British Textiles

Another new book!  "British Textiles", a compendium of six previous publications.  I have only one of them "Design for Printed Textiles in England from 1750 to 1850".....which as it turns out now that I have glanced through the big hardcover book, is my favorite time period for fabrics.  The most exciting find was on page 124 of a furnishing chintz; dark ground stripe with coloured leaves, floral meander with pineapple in the alternating stripe, about 1790.   I have the same fabric in the narrow stripe reproduced in the "Pemberley" line from around 2000!  Now I know why it was always one of my many favorites!

Norfolk Pine

I don't have a very green thumb these days but I have this Norfolk Pine that is doing  great!  I got it Christmas 2008, bringing it home on a very cold day!  For its first year, it lived in the dining room, but to make space for Christmas 2009 family get-together, I moved it into the move I ever made!
It seems to love the humidity from hot showers and its dose of early morning sun, so I'll have to leave it there!

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Magazine arrived today!

Just in case anyone has not yet heard of this greatly-needed, new arrived here today!  Seventeen primitive projects in one place by 17 different designers in its premiere issue!  And I am sure future issues will provide us with even more!! Website is here.