Thursday, March 31, 2016

Giveaway of One Last Box of Samples.........................

One day recently when I just wanted to "SEW", I finished up these 92 Railfence blocks that were just waiting for the last log.  Have been making them as my Leaders/Enders (when I wasn't making 8 quick half square  triangles as Leaders/Enders)........ need 596 for a  72" x 72" quilt quilt and this brings me to  435....... One more round of 161 and I will have enough!  That is, unless I try it on my bed and think I need 78" x 78" which is about what I make for my own bed quilts.............

Would love to handquilt it,  but I have my Colonial Medallion basted and waiting for me!  And, I feel that I have to hold off on Anything/Everything except making the potholder blocks for the Maine show exhibit this summer.  Have only 10 finished with 30 to go.  However, all but one Hard One is done and I SHOULD be able to make up for lost time with the easier ones.

Think I will make little doll quilts like this and then assemble them into the whole Quilt.  

Jo Morton's new line with Moda, "Gratitude" can be seen here!!  Won't be getting it until August so this is just a Tease!!!!;jsessionid=EB4D676FAD0EE82EE209D0AA55519DF7.storefront8080?searchType=keyword&keyword=gratitude&emailAddress=#!

New fabrics recently are Dargate Vines from Margo Krager..........luscious as always!  Some of  the Dargate Ploychromes are on top!

Don't the half yard cuts look beautiful all nice and neat in their crate?

I have one last box of fabric samples know the drill.....just leave a comment and my Random Generator Husband will pick a number and we will see who wins!  Sorry I cannot send them out of  USA..........overseas postage has increased greatly!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Winner of the current box of fabric samples is....................................

Ann in PA , also known as quiltfeather!  Send me your address and I will mail them Monday! 

This afternoon in the shop,  I gave away a bunch of fabric sample packages to a young 14-year-old who likes to make little quilts.  And my FL granddaughter has picked up sewing clothing again!  Nice to know younger people are interested!

Guess it has been far longer than the week or so I wrote in my post!  No excuse/reason.......time just gets away from me............and, I keep forgetting to ask my husband to pick a number!  There you have it!  Looked for some photos to post.......could not find anything new quilt "finishes", no new fabric (but there is lots coming!), weather here is mild and springlike.......hardly had a winter!  That's ok.....last winter's experience will stay in our memories for a Long Time!! 

 I save all the photos my granddaughter sends me of my little great grandson who is now 4 months old!  Each month she takes a photo like this....same position in the same place but with a new number on his shirt!  Nice Idea!  Wish I had thought of it many years ago!!