Sunday, July 30, 2017

Finished this Jo Morton Club 16 quilt top.......Love that border fabric from "Gratitude"!!!

Also finished the "Morning Walk" top using "Rachel Remembered" and pattern from Betsy
Chutchian.   Next up is the miniature (20" x 27") when I can get back to my sewing room!  Just love that yellow/indigo both for the print design and for the colors!!

Heard from Terry in PA yesterday after she returned from a week of camping!  Box will be on its way Monday, Terry!  Shall I start another scrap box?  Years ago, I kept these scraps but I just can't any more!  I have enough already!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Scrap Box Winner

is Terry in PA!   Let me know your address and I will send it on its way!

Working on this whenever I had an hour or so in the sewing room  produced this finished "Morning Walk" top with Betsy Chutchian's fabric.

Also have Jo Morton club 16 small quilt ready to assemble!  I could make 4-patches all day long! These 4-patches are 1-1/2"...finished block a little over 4".

This is Jo's quilt but I am using the Jacobean floral stripe just because I have to!  Love that fabric in all 4 colorways!  

Quilting with my Half Hoop on a large Tumbler tablerunner using Jo's "Gratitude" and "Reflections".....I got this hoop about 29 years's made of cherrywood and has served me well all these years even tho the $30 price of it floored me at the time!!  Correct tension (I like it it kinda loose) is easy to achieve even tho it is not adjustable.  I often use it for small quilts too.

On an entirely different note........I love to read but feel the need to do two things at once.....while I sew (and while I drive too!), I love to listen to the sewing room, it is"The Lilac Girls" about three women from different parts of the world during WW2 (excellent first novel from author Martha Hall Kelly).  In the car, it is "Animal Farm" by George it in 8th or 9th grade, but wanted to refresh my memory of it.  Waiting in the queue  is "Apollyn", #5 from Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series (don't know how I missed this 20 or so years ago, but I did!!) and "1984" by Orwell.  Anyone have any titles they've enjoyed lately?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Dry Spell Is Broken!!

Seems like I haven't had much to write about lately (dry spell) , but then I started choosing photos and I guess I do have a little going on!  Components below are for a quilt called "Morning Walk" using the "Rachel Remembered" line by Betsy Chutchian for Moda.  I absolutely fell in love with the yellow/blue floral (and that dark blue too!)  Hopefully, I will be able to sew over the holiday ...would love to get the top completed!

This Conversational is from one of my antique quilt tops, a Charm Quilt of triangles.  I think he is probably rolling a pumpkin but it looks like a giant tomato to me!

From a recently-acquired Triangle Quilt Top......circa 1890

Chrome Orange!

Love this print!  Another cut seen below.

Ugly Orange!  But I like it!

This green appears very faded.....similar print to the brown above.

Love this print!

Has many double pinks!

One of the dating factors!   Claret Red!

Several nice poison greens too!

On the right below is a glimpse of an 1870's "cheater"!

Nice piece of old chintz!

At the family camps on a point on Woodbury Pond (10 minutes from here), a pair of magnificent Eagles built a nest.....appears to have only one eaglet, nearly fullgrown now.  I told them I would stock our farm pond with trout if they would move to our place!

Fortunate to get this shot of both parents!  Have to stand pretty far away......we are not supposed to get within 330 feet of an eagle's nest!

 The Heart quilt is for Madilyn, the ever-smiling darling little Madilyn!

Who is now 9 months old!

And, I can't show you one little darling without also showing the other two!  This is Penny, 10 months old, who visited last month from FL.  (Her parents came too.)

And this is Baylor, 19 months old, visiting from AZ.  We get to keep him for a few more weeks!
I had forgotten how quick a little boy of 19 months can be!!!

A new book, always new books!  Latest one from an American Quilt Study Group........

 And ......................................................................
the scrap box is full again!  Did not think I would be able to cram all this into one box, but by folding more neatly, I was able to!  Leave a comment and I will use Random Generator Husband to pick the winner in a week or two!