Saturday, August 20, 2016

Visitors and More Maine Show Quilts

Pam Buda taught/lectured at Maine Quilts this year and she visited my shop too!   She designs patterns and also fabrics for Marcus Brothers.  You can see the photos of my shop on her blog,,  the August 8 post.  Check out the rest of her blog too!!  She is a very busy lady!!!

From seeing my shop on Pam's blog, Chris from MA came today looking for a backing for this beautiful quilt top she had made!  She could not remember the book she got the pattern but I found that it is "Kindred Spirits" by Jill Shaulis and Vicki Olsen  of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.  Her work is fantastic and we all know that for me "The Scrappier, The Better"

Now for some quilt photos I took at Maine Quilts.....2016

First up is my friend, Wendy Reed, with her "Burning Leaves" Potholder Quilt #I don't remember!  I believe she was the only quilter to receive 3 ribbons.......

The quiltmaker's name follows each quilt.....

This quilt is made "Potholder style"!!

This Hexagon quilt is also made "Potholder style"! 

In case you can't read the card above, the maker is Marlee Carter.

That's it for now!!