Monday, February 1, 2021

January Mini Quilt with Wendy

 When I noticed that Wendy (The Constant Quilter) had added me to her mini quilt list, I thought I had better produce!!  Long story on this one is that as you can see, Jo Morton's pattern is dated 1995 and I believe that is when I made the two stars.  Well, I either lost them or put them away (you know how that is....can't remember much any more!).  Every once in a while they would resurface and I would tell myself to finish the quilt......but didn't!  Well, now it is finished and here it is a day late.....finished the binding at 10pm last night!  

I have lots of tops that need finishing and with my so-called free time due to Covid, I should be sewing!  However, I now find lots of time to read that I haven't had since I was raising kids (when they were in school!)  AND, I have a new favorite saying ........"Maybe I'll do that tomorrow".  Anyway, I am enjoying a slower life than I have had since I opened my shop 30 years ago!  Next time I go out to the shop (after pending snowstorm!), I'll find the first little quilt of Jo's that I made and add it to this post!

If the link to Wendy does not work, you'll find her on my sidebar.  Blogger has changed the way links are made from when I posted regularly and I am not sure I did it right!