Saturday, August 21, 2010

Flock of Geese Quilt

Feels so good when a quilt gets finished whether it is bedsize or dollsize!!  This Flock of Geese quilt is one of Lori Smith patterns, a most prolific designer!!  My quilt is brighter than hers.....used mostly Windham reproductions.  Bet you can't guess that I love to make Triangles!!  I have found that my photos actually enlarge twice if you click on them a second time...might be because I have my camera set to a higher resolution than what is used for normal email.

Finished Binding Corner

This photo shows my finished corner of the binding on the doll quilt.  Someone asked what to do with the "tail".  Fold it in so it is even with the finished edge of the beginning binding.  Finish sewing the binding in place and when you get to the end, blindstitch the folds together.  I have seen quilts from the 80's in which each of the four sides were bound separately and the corners were finished in this manner.........probably before someone printed the directions for the mitered corners we commonly use now!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A couple of antique doll quilts

These are two little antique doll quilts I made using fragments bought on Ebay.  Left just as they were, crooked edges and all, I quilted and bound.  The detail photo shows how I now do many of my bindings......a method we found during our documentation of antique Maine quilts that was widely actaully makes a lot of sense!  Start and end on one corner and miter the other corners!!  The first photo appears to have been made from fabric samples as the same design appears in several different colorways.

The quilting is actually my basting.  I handquilted three lines on the last quilt with the small squares and decided it did not look right.  Took out the quilting and left my machine-basting in place......looks more like old doll quilts I have observed in the past!!  I used Hobbs Heirloom batting and if I wash the little quilts, I think they will wrinkle nicely!

Monday, August 16, 2010


There's been a lot of discussion recently on some of the Yahoo Groups that I am on about re-organizing and even culling (gasp!) old magazines.  Can't bring myself to do that yet.  This is part of my quilt magazine collection on shelves in my "office".....really "storage"!  Nice and orderly in chronological order, I can find issues easily.  This is only part of the quilt magazines......more are in the house.  Now we won't discuss yet the others I have collections of: Country Living, Colonial Homes, Country Home, Early American Life, etc.!!  Books will be another story!  Fabrics will be another story!

Finally have a Few Minutes for my Blog!!

Thought I would add a few more photos of my shop.  This is one of the book racks with the Alliance line by Moda below them.  Just got an order from Kansas City Star......they are my most important book source right now!  Off to the side is an overflow of Judie Rothermel fabrics!!   These three boxes are Jo Morton fabrics that I get on an AutoShip so as not to miss anything!!  Love these little wooden crates that I had made to display the 1/2 yard cuts........they are scattered everywhere around the shop!

Many little quilts are hung around the shop.  Foremost in the photo is what I called "Baby Chain", a copy of a quilt from late 19th century in the book "Small Endearments".  The little 8-point star above it is made from a box of little scraps from the 1950's that someone gave me.

These little quilts hang above my head at my checkout.  The little Shoofly is from a previous Jo Morton Club called "Chocolate and Cheddar".  Two of my favorite colors!  The little Flying Geese is from a Lori Smith pattern.  Lori's patterns are wonderful.......9 patterns in one package!!!