Friday, April 29, 2016

Catching Up

A few of the 6" potholder blocks that I am working on for the Antique Exhibit at the Maine Quilt Show in July.  We are making small quilts inspired by antique quilts.  The block on the left was just finished, the block in the middle is ready to quilt, and the one on the right is ready to bind.  I try to keep blocks at various stages so I will always have something to work on!  Time is getting short and I have a ways to go, BUT the hard blocks (except for one) are done and I have only easier ones left.  Row 1 will be done soon so I can sew it together and make it feel like I really am  making progress!!

My zigzag quilt (for want of a better name), similar to the Mystery Quilt shown in my last post about our visit to Old Sturbridge Village.  The  Mystery to me of how to put this together may have been solved!  Kim O'Mallon sent me this link after my posting last month.   If anyone tries it, let us know how it worked out! 

Got this new book recently "Treasures from the Barn" by Linda Collins from Australia.  She has patterned many quilts from her antique collection, and they are Wonderful!  Highly recommend owning this book!

Love these three quilts!  The brown fabric squares in the quilt below was reproduced by Moda around 1998 by Sharon Newman.  I have it in a burgundy red not remember if there were other colors.

Will Always Love Medallion style quilts!!  Linda made a halfsize copy of this Medallion using Mary Koval's fabrics that is gorgeous!

And, of course, small pieces and many different fabrics in one quilt are another Favorite!!  

New fabrics have finally started arriving!  Di Ford's Giggleswick has been delayed a month.  But I do have two new Judie Rothermel lines: "Old Sturbridge Village 25th Anniversary" and "Macie's Journal". Also bolts from "Provencale" by Kathy Hall from Andover, based on a very early scrap of French fabric that is so boldly colorful you'll find it hard to believe!   Also have "Sourthern Exposure" by the incomparable Edyta Sitar!  And, oh, can't forget "Ville Fleurie" by French General.....gorgeous reds and purples!  Think we were told back in our childhoods that red and purple did not "go together" but I think you will see that they indeed do!!!  LOL

I will get the new fabrics posted as quickly as I can on the shop Facebook page!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quilt Study at Old Sturbridge Village ---Additional Photos

Just when we thought ole man winter was done with us, he came back with a parting shot!!  But, snow is beautiful to look at as long as you don't have to drive in it!!  When we woke up to a "whiteout" Sunday morning, we were glad Wendy picked a motel close to OSV!  I must say, tho, that Massachusetts roads were very well plowed and ready for traffic!  Old Sturbridge Village is lovely any time of year and I highly recommend anyone interested in 1830's history timeline visit there!  I hope they will host another American Quilt Study Group meeting again.......they have 237 more quilts for us to see!

First quilt was this 1808 Mosaic......just look at that border fabric!  Love it!  Reminds me of a fabric in the also 1808 Joanna Southcott quilt which Andover Fabrics reproduced a few years ago.  Need to check that out.............I should mention here that I was using a new camera (Canon Powershot) that I had acquired about 24 hours before using it..........did not even know how to turn on the flash......a good thing because we were not supposed to use it!  I was amazed at the available light photos when I saw them (need to learn to wait for it to focus as you will soon see!)  Should have spent Saturday night reading the manual instead of sleeping!   Got another camera to learn to use too!  Wanted a slr digital with extra lenses so I could get CloseUps of my birds!  And fabrics too!  And, oh yes, my family too!  New babies coming to practice on!

A simple Double 4-patch quilt made amazing with that Pillar Print border circa 1835.

The shaded  ombre fabric was nicely reproduced in one of the "Old Sturbridge Village" lines.

 I could have stayed there all afternoon taking fabric pictures!!

Center Medallion of Embroidery with a wonderful Wide Border......a ladies pocket has been incorporated in the top center of the center panel.  Made by Nancy Newton about 1825-50 in Marlborough NH.        

A closeup of the border fabric ....the peach color in the photo above is truer color.

This is the reproduction of the above wide border from the "New England Quilts from Old Sturbridge Village Curator Aimee Newell"...sorry I failed to include it previously in my original post!!

A 4-block Applique about 1850 from Massachusetts.  Perfection!

In one border corner the green leaves had turned to blue from fugitive dye........did not matter .....did not take anything away from the magnificent quilt.........we Quilters of today need to keep that in mind!

They saved the Best for if that is possible!  I have seen this quilt before and could spend Hours Studying it!  Took over a dozen photos but Blogger might not like me to use too many!  Plus, the new camera photo pixels are Huge compared to my old Canon Sureshot (I dropped it one too many times........could have cried..........had it for a long time!)

The variety of fabrics is fantastic...........over 12,000 pieces in the tiny blocks!  You will be amazed at the next photo after this one!

I guess Susanna Howard began to run out of fabric as she pieced one triangle with about 1/4"-3/8" squares!  Karen Dever's finger shows the contrast! 

This is the backing/binding that was also reproduced in the "New England Quilts from Old Sturbridge Village by Curator Aimee Newell"    whew!  long name!

And here is the blue reproduction from Aimee Newell's OSV line.

 Bed Hangings made from a reproduction fabric  in one of the earlier "Old Sturbridge Village" lines by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers. 

Another set of bed hangings made from reproduction fabric.....isn't it scrumptious!!!  Think it might be from a Windham line "Shenandoah"........anyone know for sure?

 Ending with this Mystery Quilt, at least it is to me, in that we cannot figure out the construction process.  Lots of partial-piecing maybe?  I have one that I am about to take  apart, but if someone knows how it is done, let us know!!!   At first glance it looks like a braid quilt but it is not the common one we are used to seeing!  I failed to take notes on this one....will check "Northern Comfort" to see if it is in there.  If you don't already own this book in your quilt book library, I recommend it!

This Study Day was enjoyed by all who attended!  Was able to meet Cynthia (WabiSabi blog here) and Barb (FunWithBarb blog here)......wonderful to talk face to face after reading their blogs all this time!  Thanks to Wendy Reed (ConstantQuilter blog here) for driving for us (Sue, Laurie and me)!  For long-range planning, the American Quilt Study Group annual seminar will be held in Manchester, NH in the fall of 2017!

Random Generator Husband picked #16 which is "traditional quilter"......send me an email with your address and the box will be on its way!  Sorry there are no more samples but I am glad that at least one box in my attic has been emptied!!