Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello Fall!!!

Days are cooler now and a couple nights have been actually cold!  Love it!  My Energy is coming back!  Can't work as I would like when we have high heat and humidity!   My sewing room is on the second floor and is very comfortable in the Winter but hot in the summer.  So, I set up a cutting station on my dining room table and did a bunch of prep work!  And I can always read books and magazines even when it's hot!

First photo is of a little quilt (actually #2 of the same quilt except sashings are different) I made.....inspired by Kathy Tracy's Quilt of the Month on her Yahoo Group, SmallQuiltTalk.  My blocks are slightly larger as I wanted to kinda showcase some larger print fabrics that I love and wanted to use!  Had so many favorites it was hard to choose which ones to use......may have to make a larger quilt in the same simple format!  I like simple patterned quilts that let the beauty of the fabrics shine through!  The first quilt I made had lighter sashings and I decided I would like slightly darker sashings..... just love this old Apple Cider line from P&B!  I'll take a photo of the other quilt and show it another lost its charge!  

These are six little Ohio Star blocks (need six more) for a current Jo Morton Club.  Tonight I'll sit with my boxes of scraps and pick out the fabrics for the rest of the blocks.  And also have some 4-patches of Yet Another Project that I need to clip the centers so the seams will go where I want them to go!  AND, I am nearly finished handquilting my little Applecore Table Runner....try to work on it each evening but sometimes I fall asleep with my needle in my hand!

 I have so many (TOO many!) Works in Progress!  This will be a little Flying Geese Quilt......also a Jo Morton Club quilt.....second one.....using paper-piecing instead of the usual No-Waste Method.  Thought it might be faster but I am not sure it will be!  I like to get all my fabrics ready so I can just sit and sew!  Well, sit for one seam, and then get up to iron, do another seam, get the picture!  I don't have an iron next to my sewing machine as I think it is good for me to get up each time..........need the exercise!!   

This is a quilt block I picked up in PA in June when I went with my friend Judy to her home in Doylestown (lovely town!) to get the quilts ready that she needed for her exhibit at the Maine Quilt show.  I wanted a little souvenir of my trip and found this in an antique shop......this block is in very good condition....some color migration of the green but the reds are vibrant!  Workmanship is superb!   Another highlight of our trip was to go the the cool movie theater matinee on the first hot day......we saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and I highly recommend it!  Hadn't been to a matinee movie in decades!

My Gardening time has decreased to nearly nil in the recent past few years but I planted this Hydrangea bush at the corner of my shop Many Years Ago.....had no idea it would grow to this size!  It is beautiful but gigantic!  Obstructs my view of my shop driveway from the house!  One of my granddaughters, now grown, peeked in the middle of it and said she could have used the center for a hideaway playhouse when she was little!