Monday, January 3, 2022

Nov-Dec Mini with Wendy

 Took up Janet's challenge to find a package of scraps and use for a mini quilt..........problem was Which to Choose?  Too many to choose from!  Can't believe the boxes of scraps I found when I started digging around!  I found these selvage edges in a couple old check boxes and this is what I came up with!  There are over 130 fabrics (one duplicate......can you find it?).   Aimed for even strips but did not accomplish it!  Found a favorite old fabric from Jo Morton for the border, machine-quilted in the ditch.   Might go back and handquilt my favorite wavy lines in the borders.   Love the backing toile of country cottages which is Beatrix Potter from an English company.  Sorry photo is not very good.....should have waited for daylight tomorrow!

OOOPS!  I missed the duplicate pinks!  The one that stands out to me is a red directional....however, in one place it is cross grain and the other lengthwise grain.