Saturday, December 21, 2013

Where Did the Month Go?

Took out my trusty old Singer 301 (1956) that I use in the shop, oiled her up and she's been purring!  Had not used her for about two years.....that needs to change!  Just never could find the time but I plan to Make Time to do something I enjoy so much!  The little quilt block on the machine bed is the first for the new Jo Morton club due to start in January.  If I don't lose my ambition this evening, I may start one of the other quilts, an applique basket.

 I've been making Half Square Triangles for the Medallion quilt I started a couple months ago.  Needed 44 but made  88 (really 176 because each unit produces 2) to have choices!  Of course, each triangle unit has a twin so I'll have lots available should a new project interest me later!

I know these colors look way out of character for me, but the little quilt is not for me but for a worthy cause.  Hope a child loves the bright colored Butterflies!  Made two in fact and during the sewing room cleanout, I found kits I had made for myself for 3 more different ones!

 Got a new book "Kindred Spirits" from Kansas City Star.  Loved most of the projects but especially these little paper-pieced 2" Pineapple blocks!   The first one took me about 3-1/2 hours but I got a Rhythm going and made the rest quicker.  Think I'll try some red/green ones for Christmas tree ornaments.  I always find a good idea for Ornaments when it is too late for the current year!!

The opening of the frame is 6" the scrappy colors!

Sunset catching just the tops of the trees on the hill behind the house on Thursday afternoon.  Things have now changed drastically.......watching the ice storm approaching from the midwest............probably will lose power.  In the 1998 ice storm we went 14 days without power.  Having a generator made it easier than some folks had it.