Saturday, July 31, 2021

July Mini with Wendy

Killing two birds with one stone here.....always trying to do two things at once!  Received a pattern from Pam Buda (Heartspun Quilts) and here is my version of her Teeny Tiny Stars Sew Along!  Two inch stars took me longer to make than larger ones!!  Check out her blog for Sew Along instructions!

For many other beautiful Mini Quilts with Wendy, here's her blog  theconstantquilter.  My little quilt with poison green did not yet get done!  Still looking for the right fabrics!


  1. Yes I saw that on her blog. They (the tiny stars) look so cute! I’m still trying to finish up the blue and white one. Abigails quilt?

  2. adorable...i saw those tiny stars and my hat is off to you!

  3. Oh wow! That was fast! I've had mine a while and I have pieced one but haven't quilted it yet. Love your version! I have linked you in. Thanks for another great mini. Can't wait to see you on Saturday.

  4. That is a cute mini. It took me a while to realize that the smaller quilts and blocks can be harder to make. People have added a lot of spam comments. I had to turn on moderation on my blog to avoid it.


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