Friday, October 1, 2021

September was a long month with not much quilting accomplished!  I am terribly behind!  Got my two machines home yesterday after being serviced and am ready to make one more last pieced strip for my Quiltmania #132 quilt...I rarely name my quilts but really should think of a name for it!  BUT the highlight of this post is to show you the darling little quilt gifted to me by Janet Olsen (roguequilter) on her visit 26 Aug!  Cannot tell you how honored I am to own one of her's exquisite in every way!!  I will treasure it always!

As you can imagine, Janet, Wendy and I spent a few glorious hours together discussing quilts, fabric, life and whatever else came up!

This is my version of the cover quilt on Quiltmania #132 tho it is much larger now.....can't wait to finish it and start handquilting it..........note that I should finish my Hewson panel medallion first!  Am working on the final Flying Geese border and the quilting goes fast if I just sit down and do it!  

Hewson panel quilt (in progress since around 2013!)  Sometimes got involved in other things.....many other things........I am sure you understand!

Till next time...............Cyndi


  1. I am beyond thrilled that I got to your shop one more time, Cyndi, and was able to spend more time with you. And since you were the person that first told me about Wendy and her blog, it was extra special to be there with her as well.Wish I was closer so that didn't have to be a rare occurrence.
    Your Quiltmania quilt is incredible. So glad I was able to see it in person!
    Your Hewson panel quilt is gorgeous. What an heirloom you have created. (Quilting never goes fast for me.)

  2. janet's little quilts are lovely...i too was gifted one...i understand completely about the hewson tree of life is coming along slowly as well...

  3. All your quilts are so beautiful! I love that panel and everything you added to make it a medallion quilt.

  4. Such a pretty gift. It is always good to have friends visit. Your quilts are just gorgeous, amazing.

  5. Wow, your Hewson quilt looks wonderful on your bed. I can't believe how different the Quiltmania quilt looks in the photo. I think it looks darker. It is such a treasure. I just adore it. I keep hoping to get up soon, but weekends are so full these days and work won't slow down for another month so it may be next month. Hope to see you soon!

  6. WOW! That panel quilt is really stunning! Your medallion is also wonderful as can be!
    I bet you ladies could solve world problems if you had enough time! I love it when quilters get together.