Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maybe I should show a Finished Quilt!

It occurred to me that I mostly show WIP's and that it might be thought that I never finish anything!  It is very true, that I have MANY WIP's, as I do tend to start anything new that appeals to me....often thinking, oh I can do that in an afternoon, or a day.......hah!  Doesn't happen that way!  From now on, I shall try to show one of each!  This is a darling little triangle quilt from a book "Bits and Pieces"......used the Dargate Botanical collection for my shop sample...have a few kits left I think.


  1. So cute! I really like your header, too. There simply must be a log cabin in my quilting next year!

  2. Love this little quilt, I might just give that a go soon lol.
    Have you had any time to send me some pics of your Toile's Cyndi?
    Happy Christmas

  3. Hello there! I'm new to the blogger community. I am a fairly new quilter. I started the love of quilting after reading Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilt Series and decided to learn during a grieving process for me.

    It's turned into a love for all things quilting and a joy of friendships both online and in real life.

    I LOVE your quilts and especially have a love for Log Cabins which are on my list to accomplish.

  4. Cyndi, it's adorable and i LOVE it..your fabrics are gorgeous!
    the pattern is similar to the one i made from KT's book, Prairie Children & Their Quilts. cheers, Marian