Friday, August 2, 2013

Fabric History book & New Fabric

Received this new little book that is chock full of information about fabric history!  It says it is Volume 1, so that looks like there are more to come!
Very easy to read and understand text.  And, there are Real Reproduction     Fabric samples for each topic!  Historical facts about color are fascinating.  You will find the book at
A real treasure for those interested in quilt/fabric history!!

New fabrics received this week are a fabulous Toile "Birdsong" from Andover in three colorways.  Wonderful toile to use as large pieces featuring the flowers and birds or even cut up in small pieces as backgrounds in your quilt blocks!  

The following 3 photos show the different flowers and birds........

From Barbara Brackman's new "Civil War Jubilee" line are these three Paisley Stripes......great for sashing/borders!  

The block below is a little "teaser" of some photos I will show for fabric study of a c.1840 quilt next time!


  1. Looks like a great little book--is it similar to "Dating Fabrics"?
    Love the toiles, and the paisley stripes!

  2. The book has fewer fabric samples, but they are REAL fabric (not photos AND lots of historical information written in a very concise manner! Highly recommend the booklet and hope there are more to come!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful reference book, thank you for the tip. Judy

  4. Toile fabric just makes my heart sing. I love to back my quilts with it.

  5. Book looks interesting. Don't you just love that bird fabric?! I bought some (ok - a lot!) of the blue birds.....and have started a something! Looking forward to seeing more from your sneak peek.....

  6. Love those stripes!!! I see some in my stash in the near future!