Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Little Quilts I've Made

This is a wall of mostly little quilts...the Broken Dishes on the left is from a Jo Morton pattern but I changed it so it is unrecognizable from hers!  Two quilts are from Carol Hopkins Designs.  She,  Lori Smith "From My Heart to Your Hands", Kathy Tracy, and Renee Plains  are also favorites.  The Triangles quilt visible in the upper left corner was inspired by a quilt on the cover of an LLBean catalog ; I used only Judie Rothermel reproductions.


  1. Hey Cyndi, welcome to blogland. I know that LLBean quilt--I've got it. Love those minis!

  2. I love Cindi's shop and encourage anyone who is in the area to check it out. She is a great person to do business with also.

  3. Welcome to blog it...your work is wonderful

  4. Hi, I live in PA, and wish I lived nearer Maine to visit your Shop!! I have one word for your quilts, GORGEOUS!!I will follow your blog, to my mind, this is quilting...

  5. Lovely shop! I'd love to just come and stay for the day!!!! So, I'm not the only one who is inspired by the LLBean quilts!???? lol
    When you have time, can you email me?
    I want to see if you have a few things I'm looking for. Oh, wool batting is one, don't let me forget please. :) So happy to have found you!
    Please post new photos of fabrics as you can !~I'm so excited !