Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More New Fabrics!!

I no more than got the new "Complements" line by Jo Morton  cut, folded, rolled and bundled when another new line arrived today! This is the "Attic Shirtings" by Jo Morton.  Some friends and I were saying just yesterday that new shirtings were needed and here they are!  Another new fabric line that arrived is "Rural Jardin" by French General for Moda. 

I live on an old farm in Maine with my quilt shop on the property.......this farm pond is the view from my kitchen window.  Before anyone gets too excited about the little shed that looks like it might be an Outhouse, I need to tell you that it is a Wellhouse for the spring water pump!  If you enlarge the photo, you will see the cows taking an afternoon siesta!!!  Glad I took this shot of the lovely lilacs as today after 3 warm days, they have gone by....don't last long enough!


  1. Hi Cyndi!

    Thank you for the tour of your lovely shop! I could live in there :)

    May I know if you have an online web shop?

    Barbara J (Small Quilt Talk)

  2. Hi Cyndi! You have a truly beautiful shop and all my favorite kinds of fabrics. I wish I could stop in for a visit. *sigh* I love the wooden little crates you use to hold FQ (I assume?). Your display of quilts on the walls is fabulous.

    Hugs from Holland ~
    Heidi (SQT)

  3. I am thinking you must be a very busy woman. How do you have time to sew so many beautiful quilts? So lovely.
    Elyte (SQT)

  4. Oh my, look at those lilacs! So beautiful where you live~! and those fabrics! I'm so glad you started you bog... XO

  5. Hi Cindi - welcome to "blogger" world!! Love the Lilacs!!