Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Life Goes On......................

No excuse for not writing on blog.......just didn't happen.  

It's hot/humid here today so I needed to find something to do that didn't require much moving around!!  No A/C in upstairs sewing room so will need to work on the laptop downstairs.............hope tomorrow is cooler! 

Life is slower, for sure, these days and I find I am enjoying it immensely!  So much so that I am calling myself "semi-retired".  On Feb 1st, I started my Retirement Sale and then was sidelined for 4 months.  Life has changed for the forseeable future and it's not too hard for me to cope with that as I am a Homebody at heart!  Am sure that there have been many Good Things come out of this situation, especially for quilters and others with hobbies.  In fact, I read somewhere that the Shutdown was what Quilters had been waiting for!  On June 19th I re-opened the shop for Fridays and Saturdays only by appointment only for one or two people at a time......Retirement Sale will continue in this manner until I decide it is over!  Probably won't be for a year, maybe more, now that 4 months have been lost.  Even then I am sure all the fabric won't be depleted!!

My first Shutdown project was, and continues to be, the quilt on the cover of Quiltmania idea why the quilt appeals to me so much, other than being Scrappy, Scrappy!  Well, yes, there is another reason.....I found two other quilts on a MA antique dealer website that had that unique red hourglass center and were from Eliot, Maine.  Probable that the QM #132 quilt has a connection even tho no info about the quilt was owner, no location mentioned in the magazine.  Anyway, it's been enjoyable to work on the quilt.......picking up scraps around the sewing room and looking for old favorites that come to mind.  AND, here and there, there are tiny quilt blocks interspersed throughout the borders.  Maybe that was the appeal!  Anyway, I've made a few tiny blocks.

One thing that hasn't changed is my penchant for having Many Projects on the go at any given time!  No willpower to resist starting something new that interests me!  Didn't someone once say that Variety is the Spice of Life?

This is the Quiltmania cover quilt. Original quilt finished size is about 49" x 70", so I will just not add the rows that elongate the top and bottom.  Only about 3" from being a square quilt which is what I prefer if planning to use on my own bed.



Close-up showing the odd bits and tiny blocks inserted here and there....the maker made mostly 4-patches and hourglass blocks......

Small crib sized quilt made only with the Hourglass blocks.

This was my beginning

3 borders added

 A few more borders added...sorry for the dappled sunshine!

Some 1-1/2" blocks

Tiny Ohio Star block that I made about 20 years ago from antique fabric !

There!  That's it for now....hope to be back again soon to tell you about a quilt swap in which I participated this summer!


  1. This quilt is going to eye catching when it is finished. So many things to look at. I love it!

  2. I really like this quilt and have the magazine sitting on my sewing table but I'm a bit too busy to start it right now. Some day soon, hopefully

  3. It's great to see a post from you Cyndi. The medallion quilt is very cool and the hourglasses in the center are so strong, yet sweet and airy too. Such fun interesting borders too. 1.5 inch blocks - wow, just amazing and special to include. I know what you mean about being a homebody. I'm doing geneology for hours most days, and quilting too, but it's sort of overlaid by stress and worry which I don't like.
    Still I'm grateful every single day that I'm someone who can never be bored - thanks to quilting!

  4. oh my cyndi...the difference between yours and the antique are hardly distinguishable! you are amazing! and retirement sale? be still my heart....waiting on that stimulus!

  5. Both the cover quilt from Quiltmania and yours are a very interesting study in fabrics. I would like to be up close and personal with both to get to see all the little pieces used.

  6. I have that quilt on my to-do list and have been collecting bits and pieces leftover from other projects to use in it. I love how yours is looking!

  7. what a wonderful quilt and making it your own way is just great!
    thanks for the close up shots.

  8. How fun to replicate a quilt that caught your eye! Looking good so far!

  9. Oh my word! Amazing! I hope you don't mind, but I linked this post into my monthly mini post. I know this will eventually be bigger, but I want people to see this one! Can't wait to see you. Hopefully soon!

  10. I can so relate to your post Cyndi, esp. the part about enjoying your retirement and slowed-down life. That is the most interesting quilt! Talk about quirky! I love it. I have to say I like your version the best.

  11. This quilt is so full of eye candy, Cyndi! I love what you have created so far, and those tiny blocks just make my heart sing. :)
    I am SO glad I was able to visit your shop (has it really been 5 years?!?), and I am going to dream that I can get there again before the retirement sale is over. What is life without dreams? :)

  12. Oh what a treat to visit you and see such inspiration. That quilt is adorable and please don't apologize for dappled sunlight!

  13. This is just lovely and a fun repro to watch you work on!!