Monday, July 30, 2018

Maine Quilt Show PART 2

Thanks to Pam Weeks, I now have a fullsize photo of my Favorite piece in the New England Quilt Museum Exhibit at Maine Quilts.  See how huge it is?!  And I have photos of the information cards!

These broderie perse toiles surround the center bouquet.  Did I mention it is All teeny, tiny Buttonhole stitch?  I will have closeups of the Buttonhole stitch on my next post.
And a few block closeups:

I remember a rose fabric like this from "back in the day" early 1990's.  And I know definitely I had that blue fabric peeking out on the side when I opened my shop in 1990.

Now for the Baltimore Album.....there is stippling in two corners of the quilt (wish I had taken a closeup of that!).  Bea thought the quilt border needed more quilting so she would sit in a chair next to the bed and add quilting.  Unfortunately, she was unable to finish.

 Notice how the feather border is done!  Saw this within a few days of observing that same method on a Wreath, instead of a vine border) on an Amish quilt (Facebook I think) .....don't recall ever noting this design so it was odd to have seen it twice in a few days!

Was asked to show the backs of my Half-Square Triangle blocks........

Used regular nested seams for the rows and then pressed the assembly rows open.

Spun the center of the 4-Patch which makes the seam allowances all go in one direction.  When assembling the 4-Patches into a top, it should be all opposing seams if I have figured correctly.  As one commenter noted, blocks could be larger 16-Patch and it would also work!

More quilts from the show next time, as well as a lovely customer with a lovely quilt for Show & Tell!!!


  1. such beautiful work...jaw dropping quilting too

  2. I'm with Grace--jaw dropping!
    Good to see how you tame the seams on the back of the HST blocks. I always wonder how other people do it. I can always pick up a new trick or two.

  3. I figured out Beatrice Smith Utley was 83 yrs old when she completed that top quilt. Which was two years before she died! Wow. Amazing work from an amazing quilter. Would sure love to see these quilts in person. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to photograph and post these magnificent quilts!

  4. What GREAT quilts you saw!! The stories are fantastic.
    And the backs of your hsts?? FABULOUS and perfect!!
    Very impressed that you've had your shop since 1990... you are almost ready for an anniversary-- party!!!

  5. Wow, those projects are just fantastic and the flowers pop up.Congratulations , stunning projects!