Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Just a few tidbits............

Finished this little top (about 20" x 27") "Morning Walk" by Betsy Chutchian using her "Rachel Remembered" fabrics.  Love that Betsy includes two sizes of quilts in her pattern!  I made mine a bit different (what else is new?) in that I used the stronger "Plantation Linen" blue for the chain squares.  Betsy used a lighter blue....was concerned that it would be "too blue" (too much contrast....but I am happy with it!)

Recently ordered some stencils from The Stencil Company and they sent me this paper catalog.  I love paper (rather than looking at computer screen) so am very happy they sent it.  Have already found favorites....lots of red check marks!

Recently finished this log cabin top from Pam Buda's "Tokens of the Past Autumn Sampler"....three patterns in one package!  Excellent deal!  Especially since I love all three designs and I love Fall Colors!  AND, I have to tell anyone who is having trouble making small log cabin blocks that they should try Pam's pattern!  Her instructions are SO explicit that I am sure anyone would be happy with their blocks!  These are 6".  Will be making 3" maple leaves next.!!

Here is the pattern cover.....all are delicious!  

Three o'clock in the afternoon on my last day off .......... need to get off the computer and find something to Sew!  Not hard....have a Long List!


  1. I always enjoy seeing what you're working on.

  2. I think you made a good choice to use the darker blue.It is a beauty of a little quilt!
    I have been ordering from the stencil company off and on over the years. I also appreciate a paper catalog that I can peruse from the comfort of my recliner, but I know more and more catalogs are online only.
    Such a pretty log cabin quilt in Pam's vibrant Fall colors. That is a wonderful collection of patterns. She does such a good job with her designs.

  3. Oh, that Morning Walk came out beautifully! I like it better with the dark blue. And you little log cabin from Pam's pattern is delicious! I love those dark Fall colors. Hope to be up soon!!

  4. I love the Pam Buda patterns. I'm sorry I didn't buy it when I saw it there. Who would've thought a pattern for log cabin would help?? Love what you're doing, Cyndi!