Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Exciting Quilt Days with Friends Part 2

I took so many photos at the Shelburne Museum AQSG event on Oct 22 that I will be able to show only one quilt at this time!  Hexagon Quilt circa 1830......first two overall photos are from Randy Danto......in my excitement over the dazzling individual fabrics, I forgot to get an overall shot!!  Quilt was Huge!

Have developed more of a liking of Dots lately!  Who would have thought of using dots for the "path" of the hexagons!  But we all loved it!!

This shows the knife edge with a double row of stitching.

MANY different chintzes!  Antque Fabric lover heaven!

Quercitron yellow.........

Several rosettes had a red toile center.....anyone able to identify it from the scant photos?

This is the backing of the cut-corner quilt.

This photo pictures the tan color more accurately.

Forgot to post my QAL on Lori's Linky but here it is!  It was fun to do, not to mention enjoying searching through madder fabrics and shirtings and finding old friends I had nearly forgotten about!!

Not as much sewing/quilting happening these days as I would Like.....and this is Part of the Reason.......two great-granddaughters visited at the same time last week!  On the left is Madilyn who is 6 weeks old....lives only about 60 miles from me!  Penny is from FL and it was wonderful to see/hold/hug/kiss her at 10 weeks of age!  

Meanwhile, in Arizona, first great-grandchild, Baylor, is celebrating his first birthday!

 Usually, he hams it up for the camera!  But he looks a bit unhappy in the first photo.....what a difference a birthday cake can make!!
New fabrics have arrived and are on my Facebook page "Busy Thimble Maine" and tomorrow a salesrep visits with new goods from Fall market!  


  1. That toile is a mystery to me. I don't think it's been reproduced. Wish it would be though. Darling grandbabies!

  2. Love the fabric close-ups. And thanks to Randy's photos for putting them in perspective.
    Good looking madder quilt. I'll bet you have a lot from which to choose. : )
    Oh, adorable baby photos!!

  3. Always fun to study these old fabrics. great quilt. What sweet sweet babies!!

  4. Oh my word are those two cute!! I know Penny is Jeni's but I think she really looks like Kaihla (I always spell her name wrong?). And, I can't believe Baylor is one - yikes!!! What a cutie pie. Hope to get up this weekend.

  5. Babies are beautiful! You are so blessed. Genies are wonderful. I love to do them too!


  6. such beautiful detours from fabric...which will keep, babies don't...enjoy!

  7. Those dots are so fun as the path with those hexies. Who would have thought. Your grandbabies are adorable. Sweet photos.

  8. Oh Cyndi. Those great grand babies (not possible!!) are just adorable. What a wonderful treat to have them BOTH at the same time!!

  9. Thanks for sharing close up fabric and with friends would be great.Your grandbabies so adorable.

  10. Thank you for so many pictures of a beautiful and interesting quilt! Such a fun pictures of the grandbabies :-)

  11. That quilt was gorgeous.....but the BABIES....Oh My Goodness!!!!! SO SWEET!

  12. Those babies are so so sweet and beautiful!!! Love the quilt. Looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing!!!Dot