Monday, December 7, 2015

Stars and Green Gables

Found that I had lots of seaweed/coral fabrics but was short on clouds/storms!  Getting close to having to decide on an alternate fabric, or should I use Many Fabrics, for a really busy quilt!?!?  Will probably have enough to make two quilts .....will have to lay them out and see what pleases me!!   

I've had in mind to make this Evening Star Quilt from the LACountyMuseumOfArt.  It was on the cover of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine in October 1993.  Have been thinking about it for a while and always looking for a fabric that I could use for the border.

Have a new Facebook page for the shop here.  It is called "Busy Thimble Maine" as there are two other shops with nearly the same in Ohio and the other in Australia!  Not sure how well I will be able to keep it up, along with this blog and I love Pinterest too!!  Time will tell!!  

A YouTube video you might enjoy!! YouTube link for "So God Made a Quilter"

Photos of Green Gables, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada for the Anne Shirley fans!!  This is my traveling companion and first granddaughter.....hope there are many more trips in our future, Jeni!!!

This is the path to the "Haunted Wood", down the hill from the front door.  All the paths are well-marked and very well maintained for easy walking.

Always looking to the skies for Birds....Canadian Geese heading south!!!  Beautiful sky!  A Picture-Perfect Day!

 Signs like this all along the way...........

Coming back up the hill from the "Haunted Wood", the schoolhouse, church and the little shop near the MacNeil homestead which is owned by descendants of Maud.....bought books.....always more books!  I never did get a good shot of the house (people in the way) but I bought a placemat so I can see eat every morning at breakfast!!

Back door from the kitchen.
Front doorway...had a photo of Jeni and me here......will look for it.

The pantry.

A very different stove than I ever would have pictured in my imagination when I was reading the books Many Years Ago!  Looks very efficient!

This little room was called the "dairy" to the pantry.

Note the raspberry cordial on the shelf............

Matthew's room next to the kitchen.....perhaps had been the "borning room" in days gone by?

Dining Room

Parlor to the left of the front door.

Entry hall and stairway....what do you think of the wallpaper?

Upstairs hall....Anne's room on the left and Marilla"s on the right.

Closeup of the is Busy and Colerful,  but I love it and could live with it! 

Anne's room....very dainty wallpaper.

Anne's dress with the puffed sleever that Matthew bought for her......I thought I remembered it as being blue............

Marilla's room across the hall from Anne.

Huge barns!

Back side of the house (wellhouse is different shape than I have ever seen before!) with the path leading to Lover's Lane.

Floorplan of the first floor of the house.

Lovely Beaches for long walks!

Have another box of 100 packets of fabrics samples ready to mail next week!  Leave a comment and they might be coming to you!


  1. I loved seeing your Anne of Green Gables photos. Several things look different than I imagined so I believe it is time to read this series again. Thank you for the opportunity to win the packet of fabric samples. Hugs to you from Kentucky - Kelley Secrest

  2. That wallpaper is fantastic :0) I enjoyed your pictures of Green Gables - I was there almost 20 years ago but it looks much as I remember it. It sure has been interesting to follow along with the time warp stars.

  3. One of my favorite books of all time. Lost count of how many times I've read it. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. What fun.

  4. as you command oh repro fabric maven! count me in! such a pretty are blessed cyndi!

  5. That is some serious wallpaper!! Love the orange railing, too! Thanks for sharing the sample box.

  6. I have been to PEI three times and love it every time!

  7. Lovely stars. It's been interesting to see all the different fabrics people use when following Barbara's guidelines.

    Thank you for the tour of Green Gables. I've never been but would enjoy visiting. I remember that Anne's dress was blue in the movie but don't remember what color it was in the book. I've been thinking about rereading the series again -- it's been many years.

    Thank you for offering fabric samples. I could give them a good home!

    Nancy - ndmessier @ (I'm including my email because the email notices seem to bounce more often than not.)

  8. So lovely to see the house photos! Someday I will get to PEI.
    Your stars are beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing your fabrics too...

  9. Growing up in Australia I have heard of the stories but as yet have not read them. After seeing these photos I have the urge to. Maybe if they are audio I could also sew at the same time.... Thank you for the opportunity for some samples another persons scraps are always so much more interesting. Lisa. staceysrus at hotmail dot com

  10. Your Time Warp stars are a nice grouping of patterns. My daughter went to Green Gables years ago, as an adult who never outgrew her love of the books.

  11. Enjoyed revisiting Green Gables - PEI is such a beautiful day will go again. Glad you had a great trip, esp. with your granddaughter. Mine is only 2 yrs old, but hoping for trips to come! Thanks. Jane C. in Belchertown, MA

  12. Thank you for the wonderful armchair tour of Anne Of Green Gables and also for the opportunity to win some pretty scraps!

  13. Enjoyed your tour of Green Gables; I couldn't live with that hallway wallpaper! Glad you enjoyed your trip with your granddaughter.

  14. Oh I loved Anne of green gables books looks like I need to reread them after seeing all of your pictures thanks for sharing. I would love to have the chance to share you scraps it would give me the opportunity to branch out a little.

  15. Cyndi, My grandma had a similar large floral wallpaper in her quest bedroom with a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt on the bed and a lilac bush outside the window. Colorful, indeed. I do enjoy your road trips, projects, new fabrics for the store, and a chance to provide a good home to those leftover fabrics. When you sew your stars together, will you use the same fabric for the setting squares, or will you make it scrappy?

  16. I so enjoyed the tour of Green Gables, it is my dream to go there some day. And would really love to win the scrap samples.

  17. Wonderful pictures, what a lovely place.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. What a great "tour"....I hope to visit someday! I love those reads!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    nancymaslanka at gmail dot com

  19. Lovely pics of your holiday with your granddaughter. Thanks for sharing- loved the books, but will never have the opportunity to visit PEI in person. Thanks for the give away chance.

  20. I'll play you never know there might be the cracked ice or sticks prints in your fabrics gift !!! Thanks Cyndi!
    Beautiful border in the old quilt with stars! An idea for our "Stars in a time warp"
    Friendship. Evelyne

  21. Anne of Green Gables was my favorite book growing up -- wanted my name to be Anne with an "E". I just bought a complete set of the books at a thrift store - it will be my winter reading. I've never seen pictures of the setting -- I so enjoyed them! Thanks for posting them, and thanks for the give away!

  22. I've always wanted to go to PEI. Thanks for taking us along.

  23. I enjoyed reading the books to my daughter when she was a child. Thanks for the memories!
    I love that star quilt - I hope you can find a border fabric that will be perfect.

  24. That would be a great quilt to make from your stars!
    For some reason, I can't imagine there being a fabric style you don't have. : )
    Loved the photos of your trip. This is a place I would love to go, but maybe this tour was as close as I will get. : )

  25. What an awesome place. Can't decide which I enjoyed more the grounds with the walking paths and the beach or the house and all it's fancies. Which I lived closer to your shop, you always have such wonderful fabrics displayed on screen.


  26. I really enjoyed your photos of Anne's home. I would love to go there someday. Your stars always look marvelous. It will be fun to see what setting you come up with. You might have enough stars to do two! I'm going to connect to your Facebook page.

  27. I'm glad you got to take a trip with your granddaughter. And, to Anne of Green Gables.
    I loved the series I viewed on PBS television when my daughter was a teenager. We watched it together! I would love to win a sample of your fabrics.

  28. Love your stars Cyndi. Anne's home is fascinating. Love it :-)

  29. I loved the series of books about Anne & would love to visit someday. Isn't it interesting that some things are totally different from what we imagine them to be, after reading stories!! What a beautiful place. I wanted to thank you for posting your stars when done, as I check to see what prints I have. It gives me more choices, when seeing yours and BB examples!!

  30. I love the Anne of Green Gables books and movies. Sure looks like a great place to visit. I'd love to win your giveaway too!

  31. I've really enjoyed seeing your stars in a time warp--love seeing some of those early repro lines. And thanks, too, for posting photos of historic quilts you get to see, especially the up-close pics of the fabric.

  32. I actually love the way you set your stars, using a variety of setting squares. It's fabulous! And your granddaughter?? Adorable. The fact that she wants to travel with you is priceless!! enjoy!

  33. Love your fabrics..Beautiful Granddaughter. Oh my, I would Love to live in that house! Love it. Love it.

  34. How fun to travel with your GD!! I bet you both enjoyed the trip to Green Gables.
    Looking forward to your decision about your stars:)

  35. PS, I've already won one of your boxes before, so please do not enter me. :)

  36. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have ben a fan of Anne of Green Gables since I was a girl.

  37. Enjoyed seeing the Anne of Green Gables house. PEI is on my bucket list of places to visit.
    Barbara K.

  38. So enjoyed your pictures and makes me want to go back to PEI. Haven't been there since 2004 and am planning on reading the Anne of Green Gables books again too. What a blessing to go on such a nice trip with your beautiful granddaughter! Oh the memories. Have a Merry Christmas and I would love to go to my mailbox and find those scraps to put under my tree!!

  39. This travel in the past is very touching !! Thank you so much for sharing !
    Your stars are beautiful ! How many have you got ?
    Thank you so much too for the giveaway !!
    Hugs !

  40. I read Anne of Green Gables oh so long ago. Loved the pictures. I am a scrappy quilter the one who raids the wastebaskets at the end of a group sew day. What is it about scraps? I don't want the cure. Diann

  41. Enjoyed your travel photos. I hope to get there someday. I read all the books and loved the stories.
    Love making scrappy quilts so more scraps would be a welcome addition to my stash.

    Merry Christmas,