Friday, October 23, 2015

Giveaway Winner and Catching Up!!!!!

Did not mean to be gone so long with the Giveaway winner!  Life has been just plain TOO Busy for my liking and I sure hope it settles down soon!!

The Winner of my Giveaway of a box of fabric samples is......Joan and Kevin which is comment #22 that my random generator  (husband) picked.  If you see this posting, you will need to send me your address as there is no email address to contact you.  After three days, we'll pick another number, if I haven't heard from you.  And there are Lots more Samples left in the box to give away!  I want the box empty soon so I will start giving away twice a month!  

My QAL with Lori of  Loved making it and seeing everyone else's version of it!  Still debating about a border.....or not.

Recent new Fabric arrivals!!!First up is "Eliza's Indigo" by Betsy Chutchian, her first line with Moda.  What can I is gorgeous!  And if you have Quiltmania #109, there is a quilt made with the cheddar/gold that is beautiful, simple, but beautiful......might like to make it.....or at least add it to the list!

 These solids from "Eliza's Indigo" are wonderful.....they feel so nice and I really like the "texture"......not mottled....really Nice!  The two Lights seem excellent for applique backgrounds!

This is "Loire Valley" by Karen Styles.......nice pink and florals.

These stripes might provide nice designs for fussy-cutting Hexagons, or, for sashing or narrow borders.  Nice brown with just a touch of yellow accent.

 "Carolina Blues"  by Paula Barnes.....NICE Indigoes with yellow motifs reminiscent of antique fabric called Luminaries.  The top fabric does not show the yellow designs well except in the upper right corner!

I'll leave you with this poem I learned in Fifth Grade with Mrs. Fitzsimmons......I loved it then when I had to memorize it and love it still!  The October sky is a brighter blue in this neck of the woods anyway......probably because the humidity is gone and we can see it more clearly!!

October's Bright Blue Weather

O suns and skies and clouds of June,
And flowers of June together,
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October's bright blue weather;

When loud the bumblebee makes haste,
Belated, thriftless vagrant,
And goldenrod is dying fast,
And lanes with grapes are fragrant;

When gentians roll their fingers tight
To save them for the morning,
And chestnuts fall from satin burrs
Without a sound of warning;

When on the ground red apples lie
In piles like jewels shining,
And redder still on old stone walls
Are leaves of woodbine twining;

When all the lovely wayside things
Their white-winged seeds are sowing,
And in the fields still green and fair,
Late aftermaths are growing;

When springs run low, and on the brooks,
In idle golden freighting,
Bright leaves sink noiseless in the hush
Of woods, for winter waiting;

When comrades seek sweet country haunts,
By twos and twos together,
And count like misers, hour by hour,
October's bright blue weather.

O sun and skies and flowers of June,
Count all your boasts together,
Love loveth best of all the year
October's bright blue weather. 


  1. Nice job on the SAL. That is one of my favorite cheddars. Didn't I buy a bunch of that from you?
    Oh, my, so many yummy new fabrics!
    Great poem--I agree wholeheartedly! : )

  2. Love your QAL. The blue really pops on the cheddar.

  3. Great new arrivals! So many fun Country Roads to gleen ideas from- yours is great!

  4. i concur with helen! and drooling over the new fabrics.... it seems many used cheddar in that SAL by them all and yours always choose wonderful fabrics!

  5. Congrats to Joan and Kevin.
    The colors of the fabrics are so beautiful. Love them all.
    Hope you can figure out if you will do a border or not

  6. Love your little top. I didn't even know you were doing the sew-a-long this time. Love the cheddar of course! Can't wait to get some Carolina Blues!

  7. Oh my goodness - visiting your blog is like walking into a candy store - such lovely projects going on and the new fabric arrivals are heartstopping!!