Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Project and Some Musing

Sure has been hot here in Maine this week!  Time to find another handsewing project that can be done while quietly sitting!  Feel rather guilty saying that as my husband has been spending some brutal days in the hayfield!  He's never minded the heat.....he minds the cold and I don't.....opposites attract I guess!

My Applecore handpiecing project is nearly done so I thought I would make another charm quilt using the hexagon "window" template that is lying on top of the blue hexagon below.  It is an Ardco template of metal with something like sandpaper on the bottom that holds it onto the fabric as I trace the seam line.
Funny how different companies size Hexagons......this one is 2-1/2" but it is much larger than you would think......the measurement from point to point is 5"......each side measures 2-1/2".   At first I thought this size would be too large but am continuing with it because it does showcase the fabrics nicely.  I recall seeing a gorgeous Hexagon quilt on someones blog header......could it have been Fun with Barb?

Note the little pile of strips on the far left.......leftovers for my little log cabin and/or railfence blocks from cutting the hexagons from 6-1/2" squares...... that's another thing I've been doing a lot lately ......cutting 6-1/2" strips from all my fabrics and then making two 6-1/2" squares for my scrap quilt boxes.  I've got scraps like everyone has but I want Organized Scraps.....if there is such a thing!  Been fun visiting with fabrics I haven't seen in a while!

I've mentioned before that I love "containers" ......this little "Etui" was made by my mother about 20 years ago when I was teaching classes for it and making them for sale. This past spring I gave my last one away to a visitor from Chechnya who was enthralled with it..

This is what it looks like when open.......designated places to hold your sewing implements.  Thimble goes in the little box in the center.

 Looks like this quilt will soon be in my future!  Fell in love with it when I found it in the J/A 2013 issue of Fons and Porter's "Love of Quilting" magazine.  I have been anxious to use that reproduction center for a medallion quilt.....

Would love to make a Hewson replica like this one made by my friend Susan but it is far too large for my bed .....about 108 x 108 if I remember correctly.  Was thinking today that maybe I could make one using the center Vase medallion but eliminate the florals around it .....we'll see.....will think about that another day!

Time to settle in for some handquilting!  Am working on the Jo Morton applique quilt I wrote about earlier.  When that is finished, I have my "Hope" strippy star back from being basted by the longarmer to handquilt............that will take me a LONG time!!   

I see some new Followers have signed on so I will check to see if they have blogs to read!  And don't working on another scrap box for a Giveaway!!


  1. I like the term "Organized Scraps". We would get along well with the same scrap box. : )
    What a cool little contraption that Etui is.
    Love the medallion quilt you plan to make.

  2. Really love the Fons & Porter Quilt! I'll have to find that issue and some more time.

  3. oooh is this spooky or what! just this morning ran to joann's for some fleece and saw THAT quilt in THAT mag....and i agree, it is gorgeous....

  4. I LOVE that sewing box your mother made! Beautiful!

    Pat and I missed seeing you at the Chickadee show! It just wasn't the same without you! Will you be at the state show in Augusta? I so excited to be taking classes this year! Woot!

  5. I love medallion quilts! I have a kit for the Jane Austen one - have had it for years. Sorry to hear it is hot in my beloved Maine. Would it be as hot in Belfast, on the water, where I lived? In my three years there, I remember only one uncomfortably hot day. Regardless, I miss Maine dreadfully and it has been so wretchedly hot here this week. Even a quick trip to the Bookmobile yesterday made me nauseated. The heat index here is 108 today!

  6. P.S. Do you have a pattern for an Etui?

  7. Looks like you're having great fun! Love your Etui.

  8. Lots going on... your hexies are wonderful. I rarely see them in anything other than 30's fabrics. And I love your etui (I know that word from doing crossword puzzles!) what a lot of work that must have been!

    What a great medallion quilt (My current LOQ has yet to arrive) but then I love just about everything that comes out of "Liz's Scrap Basket" !

  9. The Etui really is mesmerizing. It is the perfect little compartment for everything that you need and it looks adorable. It sounds like you will be super busy with a lot of different projects.

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