Sunday, May 5, 2013

Srapbox Winner Revealed and a little more Fabric Nostaligia

Marge,the winner of my Scrapbox Giveaway contacted me and it turned out to be someone I met through the American Quilt Study Group!  AQSG has annual seminars which is Heaven for antique-quilt lovers!  Every other year a challenge is presented to membership to recreate an antique quilt of their choice that measures no more than a total of 200 inches for all 4 sides.  Some of the quilts become part of a traveling exhibit as well as being published in the Kansas City Star book.  "Revival" is this year's book, A Study of Early 20th Century Colonial Revival Quilts, just received last week.
 This is Marge's quilt, "Summer Rose" inspired by "English Rose Variation" by Olive McClure Cook.  Highly recommend the book!  Many lovely quilts to see!
 This is the book from Kansas City Star 2011 in which Marge also had a quilt.  Another great book!  Her pattern is in the book.
 Marge's quilt in "Stars" is "Humble Star" which I saw up close and personal while the traveling exhibit was at New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA.  Love the fabric choices!  Probably I should have included the photos of the inspriational quilts .....maybe I will next time!

Now another little walk down Memory Lane for me again!  During April little sewing got done but I found this quilt buried in a wing chair and decided to work on the quilting.  Do you recognize the fabrics?  They are "Sarah Johnson" from the Shelburne Museum collection by RJR in the 1990's!  I had pretty much forgotten about this quilt but am glad to see it again!

Guess I liked Square-in-a-Square pattern back then too!  In looking at this photo, it appears to me that this pattern might be "pieceable" in a different way.....Diagonal rows of plain blocks alternating with "Hourglass" blocks!  Would have to plan color arrangements as done in a planned "Courthouse Step" of which I cannot find a photo at the moment!
Love this chintz border fabric!!


  1. I still have a collection of these! I like the idea of alternating plain squares which would reduce the bulk on the seam line and show off more fabrics, too.

  2. Lovely walk down memory lane! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Cyndi, how are you? I am still missing Maine desperately. I just asked a friend in Searsport to find me a bumper sticker that says "I would rather be in Maine"! I have some of that Sarah Johnson fabric too which I think I got Keepsake years ago. I love that chintz border fabric. Is that vintage or something you are carrying? Hope you are well.

  4. What a delight it was to receive the box of fabric that Cyndi sent! I was amazed at how generous she was, and how much fabric she was able to pack into the box. I was thrilled to get the Civil War panel of Grant and Lee, along with many strips of Civil War prints. I just have to make a medallion quilt with those. I use toiles in almost every quilt that I make, and Cyndi packed some of those in too. My mantra comes from Freddy Moran who declares that “Red is a neutral”. I, too, adore using lots of reds in my quilts, and Cyndi had many red fabrics in her gift. I feel as if her give-away was made just for me.
    If you haven't seen the books by the American Quilt Study Group, be sure to check them out. They are filled with inspiration for reproduction fabric lovers.
    Thank you! Thank you!

  5. I really enjoy all you write..And just love your fabric.You are so talented.Keep the stories and picture's coming.Thank you Cyndi.