Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Jo Morton Club Quilt and.....and........and.........

Now that the Holidays are behind us, my house is still clean, and I have Time to start the new Jo Morton Club 12 quilts!  My first will be the darling little Square-in-a-Square (only 2-1/8"!) called AbbyGayle using Sweet Emilie is so sweet!
 And, it has its own new little project container....Christmas gift from Moda!  Perfect fit to keep those little blocks organized and neat!!
 When I finished my Pinwheel blocks this fall, I needed another Leaders and Enders project so I am making 3" Railfence blocks.  Not using up my little strips fast enough with the log cabin blocks so I dreamed up this one!  Will need 576 blocks to make a 72" square quilt.......might need to make that 72" x 84" to fit my bed with a proper drop!  Lots of time to figure that out later......right now only have 53 blocks done so will need 523 more....that's close to 10%!!  Or, I could turn them into strips of "Chinese Coins" with sashing in between!  Ideas are endless!!  Or, use them as the center of a Sawtooth Star!
Another dozen 3-3/4" log cabin blocks......will need 576 of these too.......for a quilt measuring 80" square (have 33 completed.....long way to go!).  I love making these little blocks in my sewing room listening to audiobooks!  Right now it is "Maine" which I saw mentioned on someone's blog as well as a review in the local newspaper.  Just finished "Killing Lincoln" and that sure held my attention!  "Killing Kennedy" is in the stack waiting its turn.  Good thing my DH always gives me a bookstore gift certificate for Christmas!

From Edyta Sitar's "Dancing in the Rain", I wanted to make a little table mat .....Pinwheels are another Favorite pattern to make......seem to be really stuck on Half Square Triangle patterns!   My other ongoing 3" project "Shoofly" also uses them.......will need only 288 of them as the blocks will alternate with unpieced 3" squares (63 done so far!)  Note that I like to make my Pinwheels going toward the right....some pattern designers make them going to the left!  I loved Edyta's "Umbrella" pattern so I appliqued a little one!

 Lastly, here is Judie Rothermel's "25th Anniversary" fabric line.  There is a challenge that you can read about on the Marcus Fabric website.  What I like about this line is that all the fabrics are Different!  There are no patterns in 2-3 colorways.  Need to dream up a way to use these now!!


  1. Oh! I'm in love with these projects! That square in a square is wonderful using those pinks, browns, and honeys. I love it! And the rail fence is so great! And so tiny! And you've inspired me to get busy on my mini log cabin! I set mine aside a while's time to get it out again! Our son leaves in the I'll be getting to play with my new fabrics then! Pat and I had a ball yesterday in your shop! Woohoo! Thanks, Cyndi!

  2. Those are some great, tiny blocks to make some big quilts. You are very ambitious!
    I love that line of fabric, too. So much variety--and every one a winner!

  3. Love all your mini blocks. Those quilts will be fabulous and so scrappy...yummidy!

  4. looks like we have the same plans for a few quilts this coming year:) My big rail fence is one of my fabric quilts I have made, making a little one now too and well you saw my little log cabin blocks I need 400 of them for a big quilt :) crazy we are but its fun isn't it to make them so little!
    love that box from moda, lucky you! can't wait to see what you do with the Judie Rothermel fabric pack.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Wow! The new year isn't here yet, but you've started it off with a bang! What beautiful quilts!!

  6. Goodness, you have a lot going on with all of these mini projects! Love all of them but especially the fabrics you are using for Square in a Square! Please keep us posted on your progress for all of these!

  7. Love all the projects you're working on - wish I were doing the same!

  8. LOVE Judie's new fabrics and all of your projects. You always inspire. I'd like to order those if you have them available. Just let me know.

  9. Every time you post, Cyndi, you inspire me! I always come away with so many ideas. Now you just have to come up with the "time to make them" solution! *wink*

    I need to get some of Judie's new fabrics. Hopefully you'll have some left when we come down in the spring.

  10. Looks like your are going to have lots of fun. Especially with the rail fence and log cabins. My goodness there is going to be so many of those blocks. Will look wonderful when they are both finished. Lots of fabric fondling :-)
    Happy New Year. You are sure starting it off in a very productive way.

  11. What beautiful projects for 2013.Nice job Cyndi!!Happy New Year. Debbie K.

  12. Hi Cindy,
    love the first one Square in a square,so nice but the others are also gorgeous !!!!
    Wish You and your family all the best for 2013 and a little bit more time for quilting

  13. love your little quilts cyndi, plus the fabric, plus the get the idea...LOL