Sunday, October 21, 2012

Home for the Winter!!

This is a shot of my booth at the Cocheco Quilt Show in Rochester NH last weekend.....hence my Home for the Winter title!  No more shows until next July so hopefully more time will be available to me! Hope this means I will have more time to post on this blog....really love doing it but time is always a problem...... Of course, I hope to find major sewing time too!  Booth rather looks similar in photos of other show setups but there are a few different quilts.  The quilt on the left is an antique c.1900 owned by my friend Wendy.  The quilt straight ahead in the middle is my copy that I made in 1994.....before real reproduction fabrics hit the scene!  I have taken many photos of both quilts and will post them in the near future......many closeups for fabric comparisons!   My pattern is available for sale, but only because Wendy could readily find hers and I could not find mine!  I know I saw one in my Mother's things when I cleaned out her sewing room but can't find that one either!  It was on an old computer so I will now put it on two computers ....nice to find my favorite old Font on this new operating system.......Lucinda Handwriting!  Maybe more "time" mentioned above will also allow me to my find all that is misplaced!

The little quilt below is one that I recently unearthed from a pile that I intend to repair (replace the few worn fabrics), if not remake completely because it has a thick batting that I am not sure I want to leave in place.  This comfy, simple little quilt (50" x 52") is made up of 3" Hourglass blocks and some of the fabrics are quite early, indicating to me that the quiltmaker used a deep, or perhaps generational, scrapbag!  In the 7th photo, you will see a fabric that has been reproduced several years ago by Judie Rothermel.  My new fabric is along the right side.

The orange with dark brown dots is mid 19th century.

Here is the old fabric compared to the new! I don't remember the name of the is not writted on the selvage, only Judie's name.

The blue/buff fabric in the lower right corner is 1840's.

This is a new little quilt that Wendy made using the "Pomegranete" line from Blue Hill Fabrics..nice old PA colors that Wendy loves!  The border is an old Benartex that I Love...still have some in the shop but only in light background.  We both love simple-patterned quilts that let the fabrics shine! 

Lastly, here's a shot of New England Fall Asters that I let grow wherever they land!  I love Wildflowers !  The asters bloom in two shades of purple and pink......took this photo a while back.....I'm afraid they are just a lovely memory now.....until they come back next year!


  1. Your booth looks great. It's fun to see the vintage quilt along with the repro, and the little quilt is wonderful, too.

  2. Cyndi, your booth looked very inviting. I really like your little quilt the fabrics just make you happy.

  3. Your booth was so inviting! Wish I could have popped in! Thanks for showing the antique quilts...wonderful! And the little one is too cute!

  4. It was so great to see you again, Cyndi! Pat and I had so much fun at that show! I love that hourglass quilt.....and the new mini is gorgeous!

  5. Loved seeing your booth! Wish I'd been there to shop! I'm still chafing at missing you this summer!
    Hope to see you next year in July!

  6. I wish I would have known about that show, Cyndi. I'm sure I could have convinced my husband that we needed another shopping trip state-side.

    Your booth looks wonderful and I'm sorry I missed it.

    An hour glass quilt has been on my bucket list for a couple of years and seeing this yours has given me the urge to get started on one.

    Looking forward to hearing from you more often now that your show commitments are over until next year. You always have so much eye candy to share.

  7. It would be quite a show. Your quilt designs are amazing. I'm in love with all of it.
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  8. Your booth looks great - heard it was a a fabulous show. I'm hoping to visit the east coast again soon, you have such wonderful treasures.

  9. Wow!! Gorgeous booth! I would have entered and never wanted to leave! Beautiful quilts!

  10. I love your hourglass quilt. It inspire me very much!

  11. Really enjoy your blog --and had been getting in e-mails. Wanted to be a "follower" --because of your "give away" box!!!! Love seeing all the projects, but nothing is the same as coming out to your shop with friend Lise and having the chance to see everything-and soak up the atmosphere! Daughter Shelley and I did get attend the Pine Tree State quilt show! So many beautiful quilts!! Always anxious to see what you have finished or are working on and the beautiful fabrics!! THANKS!!