Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Friend's John Hewson quilt top finished!

With permission from both of my friends, I have some amazing work to share!

My Friend Susan made this John Hewson Winterthur quilt top and what a wonderful job she did!  Using her impressive mathematical skills and her Determination to Piece the top with no Fusing, she accomplished her Goal!  It was not easy and was frustrating at times and some fabric was wasted, but she persevered!  She got the fabric in Nov and showed me the top Dec 12 at one of our quilt study meetings!  Her speed is also impressive in addition to her workmanship!

This framed fabric art picture is hanging in my shop to showcase Barbara Martin's design and embroidery skills.  The embroidered details are amazing!  Each little tiny stone (cotton fabric) in the Wall is hand-appliqued!  Most of the fabrics are wool.


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  2. I LOVE the framed art , how amazing is that! just love it.

    the quilt is beautiful, ah yes she did a wonderful job making it match in the corners ! can't wait to see it quilted

  3. Wonderful use of the John Hewson fabric and the picture reminds me of Janet Bolton's work who is from the UK
    Both fabulous pieces of work. Congrat's

  4. Beautiful top, this fabric is just gorgeous. Your picture is also great, as Sue says it does remind me too of J.Bolton, I did a workshop with her last year.
    Have a nice day:)

  5. What a beautiful top for your friend to cherish. And, the framed embroidery is quite creative in composition!

  6. Very pretty quilt. She has an eye for great composition.
    So glad you could share it with us!

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Blogger seems to have made some changes and it looks easier to me to acknowledge comments here since I am not yet too familiar with gmail and replying to messages! Always something else to learn or get used to!