Friday, October 7, 2011

Older Quilt and New Top

I made this Triangle Quilt several years ago from a pattern in an Australian triangles (these are 1.25") and that Civil War line from Judie Rothermel, "Bits of Blue and Grey"!  Took forever to handquilt but am enjoying it on my living room wall.  Had to take it down to pin up the Medallion quilt top that I'm showing next.....only place in my house I could think of to do it!  Putting pins in plaster walls is a challenge .........the wallpaper is as far as the pin will go!

 I started this Medallion quilt last winter and it languished until August before I could get back to it.  Inspired by a quilt in Gwen Marston's "Liberated Quiltmaking II".  It was fun looking for my early 1800's reproductions and now have found that I need to have a new category for storage so I can find them more easily!!  And of course, I now want to make a larger one to fit my double bed!  One of my friends suggested that I just make this one bigger, but I think the Toile center is too small for a larger quilt.  I might make with random-length strip borders like this one and one with planned borders.....same fabric on all four sides!

My husband went to Fryeburg Fair today so I had time to myself this evening.....anytime I don't have to cook a meal is a Holiday for me!!
Hope you think I put the time to good use!!!


  1. Oh, yes, time well spent! They are both great. I love triangles, too, and the fabrics are so pretty in this one. The medallion is a fun way to work, isn't it?

  2. Happy Holidays! I'd say you definitely enjoyed your free time. Both quilts are wonderful. Medallion quilts are a great way to feature a toile.

  3. I so in love with that Triangle Quilt! It's gorgeous!

  4. the first quilt I remember when that line came out and the pattern
    I should have bought it
    just love that quilt!
    oh your medallion is wonderful I have to get that book out and have a look
    hmmmm I may have a piece of toile to use in the center!
    if not I will be in touch for a yard of that one
    love that is black!

  5. Both beautiful quilts. I can see why you want the medallion in early repros prints for a bedroom. Love medallions and love the early period repros. Well done. So nice when you have some time to work on your projects! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I agree with you -- the center medallion needs to be bigger in scale for a bed size quilt. Love your triangle quilt.

  7. Triangle is all your work...wonderful treasurers...Margo in Maine

  8. LOVE your quilts, the first one especially is gorgeous!!!