Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Charm Quilts #4, New Book. New Fabric

More charm quilts from New England Quilt Museum exhibit that ends July 6.  Next up will be Rhode Island Quilts which I expect will have some early quilts!  This is  beautifully planned concentric diamonds.  Quilt contains a variety of light 19th century and very early fabrics.

This is the center
What a variety of shirtings!  At first glance, it looks like two triangles are the same blue stripe.....but a closer look and they Are Different!  Love that shade of blue on the white!  I think I have more closeups of this quilt taken on an earlier visit....will look for them.

Another Octagon!  Lots of red, popular in the late 19th century!  And, quite a few "Neons" as we call them today, but maybe called Illuminaries back in the day.
"Neon" closeups....bright grren and purple on black.  Barbara Brackman did a fabric line of "Neons" a few years back called "Ragtime".

Lots of Triangles in the Pennsylvania quilts.....more than one had a center of solids as does this one.

I remember this pattern being used as a project handout for some quilt fabric line many years ago......might even have been "Colorworks" by VIP/Cranston in 1990 that was my first whole collection purchase.......let me know if you think my memory needs help!!!

See the two red checks....nearly the same but one smaller than the other. We observed that these two red checks were in several of the PA quilts......results of swapping among friends and just something popular at the store?

From a distance, these two fabrics looked the same, but they are not!

Lots of handquilting in the border...............

New Fabrics in the shop!  "Through the Winter Woods" by Holly Taylor for Moda.  Love her nature designs and will always buy fabric with pine cones, pine needles, berries because they "speak" to me!
While I specialize in antique reproduction fabrics, customers seem to really like the eyecatching panels by Holly Taylor.....nice to make a quick gift!
Now some reproductions!A Civil War reproduction collection, Shenandoah Valley ca. 1850-1870 by Nancy Gere, features all of the classic mid-nineteenth century motifs, including a large floral, coordinating calicos and foulards, waving wheatgrasses and a serpentine stripe. The deep colors of navy, burgundy and purple are lightened with picotage and tan grounds. Mining a library of vintage scraps, Nancy Gere has delivered a collection of stunning beauty for the reproduction enthusiast. 

Serpentines are always a favorite whether used for sashing, randomly placed in quilt blocks or fussy-cut for Hexagons.........
The large floral is wonderful for backgrounds, alternating blocks in a quilt top, sashing, or borders for an antique look.

 And this is my new book!  Had been perusing online.....have a laptop in my shop now and it is probably a bad move as I spend a lot of time online.....this book comes from NinePatchStudio.com.  Kathie Ratcliffe makes the most gorgeous miniature quilts!  Amazing and meticulous design, construction and color!  You can visit her website here.   

Last but not least, strawberries are now in season!  This was actually taken June 15 and we are still in full swing!  I make Biscuits and then top with crushed berries and whipped cream......good thing I only do this once in a while!!  I have a new favorite recipe that makes Light, Delicious and Quick Biscuits....found the recipe in one of those little papers that come with the daily newspaper.  Uses only 2 ingredients:  2 cups self-rising flour and 1 cup all-purpose cream.   That's it!  Make and bake as with any biscuit recipe.

More charm quilts and More new fabrics next time and maybe I will finally get photos of some of those WIP's and the patriotic Tablerunner I made today for one of my granddaughters.  Wish I could finish it today but it is too Hot to sew!


  1. Wonderful eye-candy! Love the octagon quilt! Thank you so much for sharing. Truly enjoyed this post.

  2. It is amazing what wonderful scrappy quilts can be made from a one patch design. I have not seen one like the triangle shapes in your first picture.

  3. What a great show! Great quilts, beautiful fabrics! The concentric diamonds quilt looks like an early watercolor quilt to me.

  4. Love the new fabric and the desert looks delicious

  5. I loved the charm display at the Lowell Museum. That was my Mothers day gift this year! I love your pictures and the explanations. Can't wait to see more. I am making a small quilt with a Shenandoah charm pack. I will be in soon as I ""need"" some for my stash. Enjoy the cooler weather. Ann in Maine