Sunday, June 15, 2014

Charm Quilt post #3 and a WINNER

Will get right to it!  The Winner of my scrap box is Jill who posted a comment on June 8!  Please contact me, Jill, and I will mail the box tomorrow!
Thank you to all who posted comments..........will start a new scrap box this coming week!  

Now more charm quilts from the New England Quilt Museum exhibit.......
Here we have an Octagon......I've seen this shape less frequently than hexagons!

Omigosh!  I just discovered something!  I wondered if I could make the notecards larger so could be read easier.  Never paid much attention to the little bar that pops up when one clicks on the photo.....just used it to remove photos....Now I see that photos can be ENlarged!  This is great and I can't believe it took me four years of posting to pay attention to it......makes me wonder what else I am missing because I don't look for it!

After viewing posted blog, I found that the cards in their enlarged state cut off some of the information so it will be back to Medium.......hope you can read them!

This photo below appears to me to be in the best focus and enlarged well.  The above photos are not as well focused and I found that enlarging made it worse.
Learn something everyday, whether I want to or not!  Am I the last one to learn about the enlarging option?

This one uses diamond shapes horizontally, creating a nice zig-zag......well, actually would be vertical if hung differently!  Lots of unique shirtings were used in this one and unfortunately I lost some because I got to close and did not use the Macro setting! 

Photo below is changed from Medium to x-large.
This photo is the default Medium size.....quite a difference!  I found that I could also use "Original" size that is larger than x-large but they did not seem as clear.

A beautiful day here in Maine today (after two days of rain) and I have found some time to work in my sewing room......after I force myself to do some of the abundance of paperwork for the shop and the farm!  Will post photos on Works in Progress next time, along with more charm quilts................


  1. Hi Cyndi! Love the pics....the octagon is awesome! I love that they went so scrappy; I've seen this done with a constant color in the corner squares.....but I think I like this better! Thanks for sharing them. And fyi......if you take pics vertically (you know....turning your camera on it's side) then when you post them, they take better advantage of the enlarging process, with less blurring, because they are already larger within the blog margins! :o)

  2. These scrappy quilts are wonderful. I love studying the fabrics in scrap quilts. One can spend hours due to all the different fabrics. I believe I am your winner. I am so excited!!! I sent you a separate email with my info. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  3. Cyndi, these are wonderful, love studying the fabrics. Thank You, Judy

  4. I think I have been to that quilt museum! We went to New England for our 50th anniversary 2 years ago and absolutely loved it! I visited the museum in Lowell, MA - is it the same one? We were camping in New Hampshire at the time after spending a week in Maine. It was a wonderful trip! They wouldn't let me take pictures, though.

    1. I am sure it is the right one and within walking distance is another great museum.....American Textile History Museum. The picture-taking policy is considered a way of promoting the exhibits.

  5. That last quilt tugged at my heart. I think I'm having palpitations! I could spend hours studying those fabrics. Have fun sewing!