Thursday, March 21, 2019

Long Time Gone...................Again!

Winter has been long and boring......seemed colder than usual.....glad it is nearly over!  

Jen Kingwell's "Long Time Gone" pattern name seems to fit me to a T!  I have done a little work on her sampler pattern but ambition seems to have left me this winter.....spent more time reading than sewing!  Felt good to sit in that rocking chair beside the woodstove!

This is the upper left corner HST unit and 3 paper-pieced Pineapple blocks.  The dark beige sashing is my second choice, having already removed a lighter one.  NOW, this tiny little print (seen at far right) shows up and I really don't want to remove/replace again (tho it is only two pieces!). I really like the plain sashing as I think it defines the block areas whereas the print sort of blends, But everyone else seems to like the print better!    Really like working on LTG as it is just done in small bits at a time.  I have a triangle row ready and the next section is "Jacob's Ladder" which I am going to change to look more like real JL blocks!  Found some antique ones on eBay that I am using for inspiration.

eBay blocks are "about" 8"......mine will need to be either sixteen 3" or four 6" to fit the allotted 12" space.  That's a decision for another day!  

Yesterday I finally had some sewing time (have been taking Wed off this winter for some sewing time and yesterday was the First Wed that something else did not take precedence!!!)  After spending time thinking about Which Project to work on (too numerous to count!), I decided to make the first row from Pam Buda's Circa 1880 club.  The background is Aged Muslin by Marcus and until I washed it, it felt too stiff to work with.  But, once washed, it softened up.....the weave is fine and tight and I liked sewing with it.  Since I swapped blocks with 3 other ladies, I have enough to make a good start and will only need about 150 more.  These blocks are absolutely precious and finish at 2".

The log cabin blocks above are my most current project and is getting most of my attention this winter. About to start the fourth round of light, I decided I needed more (that is Different) fabrics so spent time taking  6-1/2" strips off a stack of light fabrics so I could make 1" strips and 1-1/2" strips which are what I seem to use the most.  Have more fabrics to cut strips from but will wait until I am ready for the fifth and final round.  The blocks finish at 6" and I love them!  Made a wallhanging using 16 blocks that I just Loved after I hand-quilted each log!  Now I want one for my bed!  Another LTP (Long Term Project as Jeana Kimball calls it!)  Have Lots of those!

I made this tiny (4" x 12") log cabin runner from Pam Buda's "Vintage Patchwork" book.....spent way more time on it than you'd think for a tiny project, but I had to handquilt it because I love the feel of handquilted everything!

From Pam Buda, her Circa 1880 line.....more coming later.

The above fabrics are "Porcelain" by 3 Sisters for Moda.  Seemed fitting for spring......would like to make a Medallion quilt using light colors such as these!

Love this "Bed of Roses" by Edyta Sitar!  More choices for a light Medallion!

Love these "Yarra Valley" stripes from Max and Louise....especially the green!  Reminds me of the Centennial Green Wendy and I saw in 1870's log cabin quilts during quilt documentation days......seemed so wrong for the time period but we soon learned it was right!

French General solids......true colors are light blue, red and darker blue.  Camera did not see them in the right light!

"Vive Le France" by French her reds!

Great-grandson Baylor, age 3, sliding down the snowbank in the front yard. We found the old toboggan in the woodshed and it fits him perfectly!

This was intended to be a short post and it just kept growing as I thought of things!  I'll leave you with this photo of an old, wonky Pineapple quilt!  Before Christmas, I decided I'd looked at the quilt that had been hanging on the wall for years (sun never touches it)!  This was the first quilt I could lay my hands on......its imperfection is rather charming (tho we would never stand to do it ourselves, would we?) and it is a great selection of fabrics to study!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Books and Log Cabins

 Blocks made recently include Pineapples from "Patches of Scraps" by Edyta Sitar and "Long Time Gone" by Jen Kingwell   Love them both!   

From Edyta, above, the paper-piecing for this 7-1/2"block is done on the printed side of the paper instead of from the back....easier......not yet trimmed closely or removed from paper to prevent fraying until I am ready to assemble.  Technique reminded me that we did this method back in the 1980's using paper foundations from the Little Foot people (Little Foot is a 1/4-inch foot made for Singer Featherweight machines).

The three 5"blocks, above,  from "Long Time Gone" are Pineapples done in the traditional paper-piecing method (sewing done on the reverse of the printed pattern).  I am planning to assemble this quilt as I go......these 3 blocks will be attached to the half-square triangle unit.

Then, I experimented with printing the tiny "Courthouse Step" foundations (below) from Pam's "Vintage Patchwork" onto muslin so I would not have to tear paper (in other words, also creating log cabin blocks on a foundation as done "back in the day"!)     Photocopied the patterns onto paper (two on a page) to use a "masters".  Ironed freezer paper onto old-fashioned muslin (slightly oversized from 8-1/2" x 11" paper size.  Cut to size with rotary cutter for nice crisp edges and sent it into my printer!  Worked great but I did watch the printer with a bit of trepidation hoping it would spit it out and not eat it up!

Fat Quarter bundles of "Harriet's Handwork" have arrived at last! And now sold out too!  New line "Susanna's Scraps" due in March (ordered extra FQ bundles!).  And don't forget Jo Morton's "Hickory Road" line is due in is beautiful!

Making tablemats.......made the first one for the church craft sale table and then others wanted one so I have made 6 so far using whatever fabrics they liked (second photo is mine made from one of my Mom's favorite fabrics).

Squaring 2" half square triangles from the leaders/enders basket!  Goal is to make a fullsize quilt for myself but some are being used in "Long Time Gone" that I am making from repros.

Have squared only 226 so far but I just do it in odd little bits of time so that the job is not overwhelming....but when it is done, I hope to be able to sit and sew and not unsew!

More new books arrived today!  

From Carrie Nelson, "Pin Pals", 40 sweet little pincushions and more!  And a darling little book of "Mini Quilt Blocks", twenty 5" block ideas!

 Also, from Carol Hopkins we have "Vintage Legacies", 14 reproduction quilts...........always great ideas! Love the cover quilt! And the 48 Moda blockheads blocks from six great Moda designers!

Whew!  Guess that is it for now!  Unless you want to see my newest little great-grandson, due Jan 15, but decided he wanted to be here for Christmas and arrived Dec 10.....weighed 6.5 lbs at 5 weeks early!  His name is Mason Todd.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What's New?

Received Pam Buda's new book shipment and am just as "wowed" by it as I thought I would be!  I might even be able to keep up with this program!     What a "novel" idea to name the quilts after 19th century books!  Pam's quilt ideas are fantastic as well as her machine quilter's talents!

Photo layouts are enticing and I can't wait to get started on Something!   (Likely the log cabin as I love them so much!).  And what a nice idea to include photos of the fabrics she used and the space for quilters to plan theirs!  The pattern instructions and the Quiltmaking Techniques are both her usual top-notch style and I am sure even beginners will easily make the designs!

Wendy Reed, the Constant Quilter, has already set up a monthly challenge here!!  Scroll to her Oct 16 idea why I can't change font!

"Spice It Up" by Jo Morton is here...........a few bolts, fat quarter bundles, and 5" charms.

Next up from Jo is "Hickory Road" due in January.....ordered the whole line of typical  Civil War era reds and browns madder photo yet.   Colors are much brighter than the photos show!

Below are 5 bolts from "Sequoia" by Edyta Sitar.....could not resist her birds!

Fat quarter bundles of "Something Blue" also by Edyta Sitar!

This is an antique doll quilt offered on eBay a while back....went for a lot of $ as I recall!  Seller was from Portland,Maine.

Loved reproduced it as well as I could trying to match fabric for fabric!  This log cabin variation is sometimes called "Housetop".

Handquilted down the center of each log.  

Not much sewing got done around here this was hotter/more humid than it has been in a long time and with my sewing room on the second floor, it was too hot to work there!  So I missed my girl......we've been working together since 1990 and we are getting re-acquainted now.....latest sewing was tablerunners for my church craft fair Nov 17 and adding logs to my 6" log cabin blocks.  

I did spend time "Making Scraps" ....can't believe I was running low with 1" strips for my log cabin blocks....tying to do new fabrics as they come in and this winter will start on older fabrics in one of my closets in order to increase the lotsa color!  Even Busy one might say!

From a 6-1/2" strip of each fabric, I cut two 6-1/2" squares, two 4" x 6-1/2" rectangles, four 1-1/2" strips and four 1" strips......just started cutting four instead of two as I was using them up too fast.....

See  Pam Buda's blog for another reason I have been busy with other things!  Little tiny Uneven 9-patch blocks for a quilt needing 500+ of them!  And to see a glimpse of her quilt and heaps of little blocks! Did find I took a photo back in April of probably the first batch of blocks I made!

Until next time.........................

Monday, July 30, 2018

Maine Quilt Show PART 2

Thanks to Pam Weeks, I now have a fullsize photo of my Favorite piece in the New England Quilt Museum Exhibit at Maine Quilts.  See how huge it is?!  And I have photos of the information cards!

These broderie perse toiles surround the center bouquet.  Did I mention it is All teeny, tiny Buttonhole stitch?  I will have closeups of the Buttonhole stitch on my next post.
And a few block closeups:

I remember a rose fabric like this from "back in the day" early 1990's.  And I know definitely I had that blue fabric peeking out on the side when I opened my shop in 1990.

Now for the Baltimore Album.....there is stippling in two corners of the quilt (wish I had taken a closeup of that!).  Bea thought the quilt border needed more quilting so she would sit in a chair next to the bed and add quilting.  Unfortunately, she was unable to finish.

 Notice how the feather border is done!  Saw this within a few days of observing that same method on a Wreath, instead of a vine border) on an Amish quilt (Facebook I think) .....don't recall ever noting this design so it was odd to have seen it twice in a few days!

Was asked to show the backs of my Half-Square Triangle blocks........

Used regular nested seams for the rows and then pressed the assembly rows open.

Spun the center of the 4-Patch which makes the seam allowances all go in one direction.  When assembling the 4-Patches into a top, it should be all opposing seams if I have figured correctly.  As one commenter noted, blocks could be larger 16-Patch and it would also work!

More quilts from the show next time, as well as a lovely customer with a lovely quilt for Show & Tell!!!