Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Exciting Quilt Days with Friends Part 2

I took so many photos at the Shelburne Museum AQSG event on Oct 22 that I will be able to show only one quilt at this time!  Hexagon Quilt circa 1830......first two overall photos are from Randy Danto......in my excitement over the dazzling individual fabrics, I forgot to get an overall shot!!  Quilt was Huge!

Have developed more of a liking of Dots lately!  Who would have thought of using dots for the "path" of the hexagons!  But we all loved it!!

This shows the knife edge with a double row of stitching.

MANY different chintzes!  Antque Fabric lover heaven!

Quercitron yellow.........

Several rosettes had a red toile center.....anyone able to identify it from the scant photos?

This is the backing of the cut-corner quilt.

This photo pictures the tan color more accurately.

Forgot to post my QAL on Lori's Linky but here it is!  It was fun to do, not to mention enjoying searching through madder fabrics and shirtings and finding old friends I had nearly forgotten about!!

Not as much sewing/quilting happening these days as I would Like.....and this is Part of the Reason.......two great-granddaughters visited at the same time last week!  On the left is Madilyn who is 6 weeks old....lives only about 60 miles from me!  Penny is from FL and it was wonderful to see/hold/hug/kiss her at 10 weeks of age!  

Meanwhile, in Arizona, first great-grandchild, Baylor, is celebrating his first birthday!

 Usually, he hams it up for the camera!  But he looks a bit unhappy in the first photo.....what a difference a birthday cake can make!!
New fabrics have arrived and are on my Facebook page "Busy Thimble Maine" and tomorrow a salesrep visits with new goods from Fall market!  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exciting Quilt Days spent with Friends! Part 1

Wendy theconstantquilter.blogspot.com and I went to the Shelburne Museum in Vermont for a quilt study meeting of the New England members of American Quilt Study Group.  Randy  barristersblock.blogspot.com accompanied us since she was in the neighborhood!  

Wonder what's this wrapped invitingly in fabric (a Favorite, of course!)????

A Pincushion from Randy!  I think I have a collection started by accident!

We stayed at the T-Bird Motel in Shelburne......nice and clean!  Friendly staff!

Cool T-Bird!  Don't know what year, but am guessing 1950's-60's??

Instead of saving the best for last, I think I will start with the last Show & Tell which was one of the best!  Thanks, Sharon Waddell, for allowing us to show photos of your marvelous quilt!  Very unusual quilt with a star in the center made of hexagons in fabulous fabrics!  Surrounded by More hexagons and a leaf border.  Followed by more random hexagons!  Huge quilt measuring about 100" x 100".

This is just a taste of all the fabulous quilts/fabrics we saw!   
 And oh yeah.....the Scrap Box is almost full again!

Time to call it a day.....I am tired and I need to rest up for working in shop tomorrow!  This is what was left on the porch for me to unpack, cut halves and quarters, and find shelf room for!

I know it is "Savannah" a pink/brown line from Washington Street Studios (P&B) and "Baltimore Blues" from Barbara Brackman.

Mary Koval's "Rhapsody in Blue" arrived last week.............. Luscious!!!.

Monday, October 17, 2016

New Fabrics and HumbleQuilts QAL

Recently received "Houghton Hall" by Carolyn Konig for Pennyrose Fabrics.  According to the website, Houghton Hall was built in the 1720's for England first Prime Minister, Robert Walpole.  The colors for this pheasant print are from textiles used in the house mid to late Eighteenth Century.

Closeups of each colorway first followed by a view of several repeats.  Fabric was used nicely in the kit pattern of a Strippy Flying geese.

Also new is Grand Traverse Bay by Minick&Simpson for Moda!  Lovely blues and a Wonderful applique background!

LOVE this quilt from Linda Collins' book "Treasures from the Barn"!  It is called "Market Day" and as you can see I have the same leaf print in red as is brown in her quilt!  It is by Sharon Newman in 1997.  That was when Moda put the date on the selvage but not the name of the line!  Sure wish I had it in brown.....not sure if it came in brown but I think I remember blue............ 

This is a closeup of the block and my First Impression of construction in this Circa 1840 quilt was that large blocks of the tan plaid were put together with the blue stripe sashing!  And then the brown print squares appliqued strategically over them!  Can you see why I would think that?   Actually, the pattern in the book uses the Snowflake block (used VeryMuch by Quiltmakers here in New England in that time period and often for Signature Quilts) alternating with the brown leaf print.   I'd love to make this quilt but need to check and see if I have enough of the leaf print!

View from my kitchen window on a cloudy day and the colors are Still Beautiful!

Even brighter when the sun is shining on them!!

This baby maple sprouted up near the mailbox.......hope we can transplant it to the front lawn!  Need to replace a maple that broke my heart when it was  taken down!

Not much gardening going on by me these days (or years really!).......love things that just pop up like this darling mallow in a wonderful color!

Even tho I had a lot going on, I decided to take a chance that I would be able to keep caught up with Lori's QAL from her HumbleQuilts blog.  I am backward...this is Part 2, followed by Part 1!

Love madder prints in their colors of brown (varying shades), red, rust, orange and even purple!  Great info about them can be found on Barbara Brackman's blog.    The prints below are "Spice Market" by Jo Morton.

Just learned that Paper Pieces will be doing papers for Jane Stickle quilt (aka Dear Jane) so you can do it with English Paper Piecing!  It will be done as an 18 month BOM or you can just order a row at a time!  Wonder if I should Start Again!?!?  This would be the umpteenth time!