Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp

From last week, Wood Block prints.  Want to know what woodblock prints are?  Early form of printing on fabric with designs carved into blocks of wood....... Check out Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts blog here.  You will learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know!

This week it is Pillar Prints.........never enough of those printed!!  The block on the left uses an OLD Jinny Beyer pillar that I found on sale years ago and bought all that they had left!  She was ahead of time then.......should produce it again now and will find there is a lot of interested people  looking for it!!!

We are making Jo Morton's Club #14 small quilts.   Had not yet used the "Charleston" line and now I have!!  A small quilt made from a single "Burgoyne Surrounded" quilt block.

Any log cabin variation is a Favorite block to make!  These little Courthouse Step blocks are bordered with Jo's "Hollyhock" line which I absolutely Love!!  My quilt is not just like Jo's as I just could not break from tradition and put sashing/cornerstones between the blocks for mine!!  I'm an old "stick in the mud!" 

Two quilt blocks for upcoming Jo Club projects.....a darling little basket and an even darlinger little flying geese variation!!!  Geese are 1/2" x 1".......I made a paper-piecing pattern.....easiest way for me to go!!!

Had a good time going through my fabric collection looking for "woodblock prints" for Stars in a Time Warp.   Fabrics not marketed as "reproduction" often can be used, such as the following four that come from Holly Taylor who designs beautiful landscape/wildlife panels for Moda!  

 Same design as above but with lovely brown background.

The next two Woodblock prints are "Florrie's Favorites" by Froncie Quinn with Shelburne Museum in VT.  A collection of fabric named for Florence Peto, an early quilt historian, author and collector of antique quilts.

I LOVE this fabric below...........excellent Woodblock design!  Cannot remember where I got it or when!  Nothing on the selvage.  The quality of the fabric itself is not as good as what we are used to today from my 4 favorite manufacturers:  Andover, Marcus Bros, Moda and Windham.  But I had to use it!
In this closeup, you can actually see how low the thread count is!  It feels very thin but that design is wonderful..........maybe someone will do it again!!  Hope so!

I was looking through one of my favorite antique fabric reference books, "Printed Textiles....English and American Cottons and Linens 1700-1850" by Florence Montgomery, a Winterthur book published in 1970.  (Side note:there were 3 "Florences" who authored books on antique fabric/quilts......Florence Montgomery, Florence Peto and Florence Pettit......I always get a kick out of such little details!)  On page 176 (my book just opened to that page like it knew it was what I wanted!), I thought boy that looks familiar (a black/white photo as are the majority of photos in the 1970 book....a revision has come out that has color photos).  Then I found this color photo of it in the limited, but excellent color section.  A reproduction was done by Andover Fabrics, called "Cadet Paisley"......two (document fabric....lapis prints 1808-1812) and brown/rust.

I seem not to have any more of the blue/red, much to my chagrin...but things often show up later.....can only Hope!

This print was also included in the book, and in the fabric line.

And in the gorgeous blue/red which I do still have some!  Isn't it gorgeous!?!

Will leave today with the following advertisement for the New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA.  I recently received the book of the Civil War Era small quilt reproductions (published by AQSG) and plan to go to see the exhibit in person as soon as Wendy and I can fit it in!!!!!

  The AQSG Civil War Study Quilts  are up and open for viewing at the
New England Quilt Museum.  The museum is featuring a gallery full of
antique Civil War era quilts from the NEQM Collection.  Several of the
antiques are new acquisitions and are being shown for the first time at
NEQM.  The antiques include the "inspiration quilts" for two of the AQSG
Study Quilts.  A third inspiration quilt will go on display as soon as
it returns from display in Nebraska in "Homefront and Battlefield."
This is a rare opportunity to see the three Study Quilts hanging side by
side with their inspiration quilts.  The exhibit will continue through
October.  NEQM has a Facebook page that often has quilt photos.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Giveaway Winner and a Favorite Oldie But Goodie Fabric

The winner of my Giveaway of a box of fabric samples is Sandra Henderson!  Please contact me with your address and the box will be on its way to you!

Since I like to see photos on blog posts, I'll include this from my list of blog topics.     Going through some old fabric boxes and found some larger pieces of this old fabric from over 20 years ago........still love it.......and use a piece in lots of quilts.  Do you have such a favorite fabric too?  Back later to catch up on Stars in a Time Warp......need to find some Pillar Prints!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Time-Warp Stars and Doll Quilts

Actually was caught up by Sunday by did not have time to post!  Probably spent too much time chasing around the internet to see everyone else's Stars!  

White Ground Chintz

Blotch Ground Chintz

Fancy Machine Grounds

Here are two doll quilts I made a few years ago, but are still Favorites of mine.  First one is made with "Dargate Botanicals" by Margo Krager  (blocks) and the sashing/border is "Sisters" by Mary Koval, both for Windham.

This is a copy of a baby quilt from "Small Endearments" by Sandy Fox.  Mine is a smaller version of the baby quilt from first quarter 19th century.  The toile in the center is from "The Rising Sun" collection.......Smithsonian with RJR Fabrics in the mid 1990's.

Found some antique fabric hexagons in one of my boxes of vintage/antique fabrics  that were sewn in a row so I thought I would take them apart to make something more useful.  Wish I had taken a photo of the "Before" as they really looked quite nice.  When I took them apart, they are all sizes and shapes....amazing that they looked fine when sewn in row!!  I found a old metal window template made decades ago by Roy Daniels that is just the right size.  I have drawn the sewing lines and will sew them together just for a little tablemat...may have to add a few from my stash if there aren't enough.

Three colorways of the same fabric.

 See how there is extra fabric on one side?

And if you have stayed with me this far.................................
 I have another Giveaway ready!  I am trying to "downsize".....I really am!  Own too much Stuff!!   I have a huge box of small fabric samples accumulated over the years of owning a shop, since "back in the day" when ordering was done without internet.......yes, there was life before the Internet!!  I have filled a postal box with them and have enough to fill several more....will try to do one every month or sew!  If you are in need (or want!) of small pieces for your scrap quilts, just leave a comment and you will be in the running for a random drawing!

Talking about "back in the day" reminded me of something else I wanted to mention..........found this photo on Facebook and it just shows that there was life before clothes dryers too!!!  I do not own a my laundry dried in the fresh outdoors!  Of course, during the preceding LONG winter, I could not get to my clothesline for a few I used drying racks in a spare bedroom.....even have the huge rack that belonged to my great-grandmother who lived from 1870-1958 and I cherish it because it was hers!!

Now off to find some "Woodblock" print fabrics for this week's Time Warp Stars with Barbara Brackman!!  Check out other folks' stars and learn some history at the same time here.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Doll Quilts and TimeWarp Stars

Neat Stripes from Barbara Brackman's Stars in a Time Warp.  Not caught up....need to make whiteground chintz and blotchground chintz soon!

Wendy and I, unknowningly to each other, were planning to make nearly the Same quilt as participants in the Lori of  humble quilts blog Doll Quilt swap.  I changed mine, actually did several times, until I finally decided on my Flying Geese.  This was one of my ideas, inspired from an antique quilt that I found in my photo files, but I thought it too plain!    I keep lots of photo files and it is sometimes hard to find things!  Is that the reason we all need to use Pinterest??

This is the antique quilt that was my Inspiration.

 Finished another stack of 75 Leaders and Enders 3" Railfence blocks.  This brings my total to 343 and I need 576.....over halfway there!  
I arranged 24 of the blocks to see how they looked.....would make a nice little quilt 12" x 18"!  It gave me an idea....when I go to assemble the quilt (or maybe I could start rightaway!), I could make a bunch of these little quilts and then sew them together........think it might make the quilt top easier to handle!!

No new fabric arrivals lately, but here is a link to a fantastic one from Di Ford that is ordered to arrive in August!!!

One of my daughters gave me this fuschia for Mother's Day...I love this color and one of them gives me one each year!  Never had one with so many blossoms and buds!!  

Our lilac bush was beautiful this year! Sadly, it is now a memory until next year!

Until next time......when I get more Stars done!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Eccentrics Stars and a Friend's Gorgeous Wool Quilt

Caught up for a few hours with Barbara Brackman's "Stars in a Time Warp" with last week's "Eccentrics"!  First star is a Lane's Net variation from the "Josephine" collection by Petra Prins for Windham.

 This brown and pink Wave is by Nancy Gere for Windham Fabrics.
 Long ago Brackman/Thompson line called "Remember the Ladies"  had this excellent reproduction of Hoyle's Wave in red, blue, and tan.  

I am joining the Row By Row Experience (nationwide summer shophop) for the first time this year.  Each shop designs a block for a free pattern for a row of the quilt.  I chose "Lost Ships" which is from an 1898 Ladies Art Company pattern catalog.  Also, you will find a similar one in "America's Printed Fabrics 1770-1890".  The dark side represents the ships and the light side represents the "lost ships" or "ghost ships".  I resized the pattern to the required 9" x 36".

I recently participated in a Doll Quilt Swap, along with 70 other ladies, with Lori of humblequilts blog.  The little Flying Geese quilt is what I sent to DarLynn in IL.  I decided at the last minute to add handquilting to the border and I am sorry to see my white lines, tho in real life they did not show up so obviously!!  This was the first doll quilt swap for me but won't be the last!  Soon all the quilts will be available for viewing on Lori's blog.

My friend, Roberta, made this gorgeous wool quilt that she is allowing me to share with you.  She made little layered circles with each containing an original design of something that pertains to her family life.  It is a work of art and the photos cannot do it justice.  She is a superb Embroiderer!!

Christmas Tree.

Bittersweet vines bloom here in the fall.

 Fall would not be Fall without Pumpkins!!
 One of her family's several golden labs.....all are included in the quilt.

 You would have to see this little basket to believe it!  She wove strands of perle cotton to create it!

 This represent her home which at one time was a Country Inn.

 Love her Goldenrod!