Friday, April 29, 2016

Catching Up

A few of the 6" potholder blocks that I am working on for the Antique Exhibit at the Maine Quilt Show in July.  We are making small quilts inspired by antique quilts.  The block on the left was just finished, the block in the middle is ready to quilt, and the one on the right is ready to bind.  I try to keep blocks at various stages so I will always have something to work on!  Time is getting short and I have a ways to go, BUT the hard blocks (except for one) are done and I have only easier ones left.  Row 1 will be done soon so I can sew it together and make it feel like I really am  making progress!!

My zigzag quilt (for want of a better name), similar to the Mystery Quilt shown in my last post about our visit to Old Sturbridge Village.  The  Mystery to me of how to put this together may have been solved!  Kim O'Mallon sent me this link after my posting last month.   If anyone tries it, let us know how it worked out! 

Got this new book recently "Treasures from the Barn" by Linda Collins from Australia.  She has patterned many quilts from her antique collection, and they are Wonderful!  Highly recommend owning this book!

Love these three quilts!  The brown fabric squares in the quilt below was reproduced by Moda around 1998 by Sharon Newman.  I have it in a burgundy red not remember if there were other colors.

Will Always Love Medallion style quilts!!  Linda made a halfsize copy of this Medallion using Mary Koval's fabrics that is gorgeous!

And, of course, small pieces and many different fabrics in one quilt are another Favorite!!  

New fabrics have finally started arriving!  Di Ford's Giggleswick has been delayed a month.  But I do have two new Judie Rothermel lines: "Old Sturbridge Village 25th Anniversary" and "Macie's Journal". Also bolts from "Provencale" by Kathy Hall from Andover, based on a very early scrap of French fabric that is so boldly colorful you'll find it hard to believe!   Also have "Sourthern Exposure" by the incomparable Edyta Sitar!  And, oh, can't forget "Ville Fleurie" by French General.....gorgeous reds and purples!  Think we were told back in our childhoods that red and purple did not "go together" but I think you will see that they indeed do!!!  LOL

I will get the new fabrics posted as quickly as I can on the shop Facebook page!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quilt Study at Old Sturbridge Village ---Additional Photos

Just when we thought ole man winter was done with us, he came back with a parting shot!!  But, snow is beautiful to look at as long as you don't have to drive in it!!  When we woke up to a "whiteout" Sunday morning, we were glad Wendy picked a motel close to OSV!  I must say, tho, that Massachusetts roads were very well plowed and ready for traffic!  Old Sturbridge Village is lovely any time of year and I highly recommend anyone interested in 1830's history timeline visit there!  I hope they will host another American Quilt Study Group meeting again.......they have 237 more quilts for us to see!

First quilt was this 1808 Mosaic......just look at that border fabric!  Love it!  Reminds me of a fabric in the also 1808 Joanna Southcott quilt which Andover Fabrics reproduced a few years ago.  Need to check that out.............I should mention here that I was using a new camera (Canon Powershot) that I had acquired about 24 hours before using it..........did not even know how to turn on the flash......a good thing because we were not supposed to use it!  I was amazed at the available light photos when I saw them (need to learn to wait for it to focus as you will soon see!)  Should have spent Saturday night reading the manual instead of sleeping!   Got another camera to learn to use too!  Wanted a slr digital with extra lenses so I could get CloseUps of my birds!  And fabrics too!  And, oh yes, my family too!  New babies coming to practice on!

A simple Double 4-patch quilt made amazing with that Pillar Print border circa 1835.

The shaded  ombre fabric was nicely reproduced in one of the "Old Sturbridge Village" lines.

 I could have stayed there all afternoon taking fabric pictures!!

Center Medallion of Embroidery with a wonderful Wide Border......a ladies pocket has been incorporated in the top center of the center panel.  Made by Nancy Newton about 1825-50 in Marlborough NH.        

A closeup of the border fabric ....the peach color in the photo above is truer color.

This is the reproduction of the above wide border from the "New England Quilts from Old Sturbridge Village Curator Aimee Newell"...sorry I failed to include it previously in my original post!!

A 4-block Applique about 1850 from Massachusetts.  Perfection!

In one border corner the green leaves had turned to blue from fugitive dye........did not matter .....did not take anything away from the magnificent quilt.........we Quilters of today need to keep that in mind!

They saved the Best for if that is possible!  I have seen this quilt before and could spend Hours Studying it!  Took over a dozen photos but Blogger might not like me to use too many!  Plus, the new camera photo pixels are Huge compared to my old Canon Sureshot (I dropped it one too many times........could have cried..........had it for a long time!)

The variety of fabrics is fantastic...........over 12,000 pieces in the tiny blocks!  You will be amazed at the next photo after this one!

I guess Susanna Howard began to run out of fabric as she pieced one triangle with about 1/4"-3/8" squares!  Karen Dever's finger shows the contrast! 

This is the backing/binding that was also reproduced in the "New England Quilts from Old Sturbridge Village by Curator Aimee Newell"    whew!  long name!

And here is the blue reproduction from Aimee Newell's OSV line.

 Bed Hangings made from a reproduction fabric  in one of the earlier "Old Sturbridge Village" lines by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers. 

Another set of bed hangings made from reproduction fabric.....isn't it scrumptious!!!  Think it might be from a Windham line "Shenandoah"........anyone know for sure?

 Ending with this Mystery Quilt, at least it is to me, in that we cannot figure out the construction process.  Lots of partial-piecing maybe?  I have one that I am about to take  apart, but if someone knows how it is done, let us know!!!   At first glance it looks like a braid quilt but it is not the common one we are used to seeing!  I failed to take notes on this one....will check "Northern Comfort" to see if it is in there.  If you don't already own this book in your quilt book library, I recommend it!

This Study Day was enjoyed by all who attended!  Was able to meet Cynthia (WabiSabi blog here) and Barb (FunWithBarb blog here)......wonderful to talk face to face after reading their blogs all this time!  Thanks to Wendy Reed (ConstantQuilter blog here) for driving for us (Sue, Laurie and me)!  For long-range planning, the American Quilt Study Group annual seminar will be held in Manchester, NH in the fall of 2017!

Random Generator Husband picked #16 which is "traditional quilter"......send me an email with your address and the box will be on its way!  Sorry there are no more samples but I am glad that at least one box in my attic has been emptied!! 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Giveaway of One Last Box of Samples.........................

One day recently when I just wanted to "SEW", I finished up these 92 Railfence blocks that were just waiting for the last log.  Have been making them as my Leaders/Enders (when I wasn't making 8 quick half square  triangles as Leaders/Enders)........ need 596 for a  72" x 72" quilt quilt and this brings me to  435....... One more round of 161 and I will have enough!  That is, unless I try it on my bed and think I need 78" x 78" which is about what I make for my own bed quilts.............

Would love to handquilt it,  but I have my Colonial Medallion basted and waiting for me!  And, I feel that I have to hold off on Anything/Everything except making the potholder blocks for the Maine show exhibit this summer.  Have only 10 finished with 30 to go.  However, all but one Hard One is done and I SHOULD be able to make up for lost time with the easier ones.

Think I will make little doll quilts like this and then assemble them into the whole Quilt.  

Jo Morton's new line with Moda, "Gratitude" can be seen here!!  Won't be getting it until August so this is just a Tease!!!!;jsessionid=EB4D676FAD0EE82EE209D0AA55519DF7.storefront8080?searchType=keyword&keyword=gratitude&emailAddress=#!

New fabrics recently are Dargate Vines from Margo Krager..........luscious as always!  Some of  the Dargate Ploychromes are on top!

Don't the half yard cuts look beautiful all nice and neat in their crate?

I have one last box of fabric samples know the drill.....just leave a comment and my Random Generator Husband will pick a number and we will see who wins!  Sorry I cannot send them out of  USA..........overseas postage has increased greatly!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Winner of the current box of fabric samples is....................................

Ann in PA , also known as quiltfeather!  Send me your address and I will mail them Monday! 

This afternoon in the shop,  I gave away a bunch of fabric sample packages to a young 14-year-old who likes to make little quilts.  And my FL granddaughter has picked up sewing clothing again!  Nice to know younger people are interested!

Guess it has been far longer than the week or so I wrote in my post!  No excuse/reason.......time just gets away from me............and, I keep forgetting to ask my husband to pick a number!  There you have it!  Looked for some photos to post.......could not find anything new quilt "finishes", no new fabric (but there is lots coming!), weather here is mild and springlike.......hardly had a winter!  That's ok.....last winter's experience will stay in our memories for a Long Time!! 

 I save all the photos my granddaughter sends me of my little great grandson who is now 4 months old!  Each month she takes a photo like this....same position in the same place but with a new number on his shirt!  Nice Idea!  Wish I had thought of it many years ago!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Winner of Fabric Samples is...............

Karen from Breezy Point!  Email me your address and I will send it right out to you!

When I emptied the large box to fill the box for Karen, I discovered another box the same size underneath it...........filled with guess what...........about Another 400 fabric sample packets!  This will go on until they are gone!  I have More Than Enough small pieces of fabric to see me through as long as I live!  And I just don't have it in me to throw them away!  

Really don't have a lot to talk about today..........still plugging away on the Bristol potholder quilt for the show in July.  Think I am working on the Last Hard One (the ones that needed to be drafted) and then I should be able to work faster on the easier ones that I think I can just rotary cut after determining measurements!  Here are 5 that are bound.  One is in the hoop being quilted.  Another is ready to be quilted.  And another is quilted waiting for binding.

Actually, the Sawtooth Star was Not one of the hard ones....I just picked it as my first block to get started as I was very used to 6" Stars after making 97 during last year's Most Enjoyable journey with Barbara Brackman through her Stars in a Time Warp block of the week!!  Can't work on that  (or anything else!) until this project is done!!

I love feeding birds and I took  photos to show my granddaughter who gave me the lovely bird feeder hanging near the window so I can watch birds when having coffee and reading the newspaper each morning!  

See my beautiful cardinal?!  Had to have an extra bale of hay placed on the banking so I could stand on it to fill the feeders!

..The view from inside..........

Lots of goldfinches this year!  Love being able to see them so closely!!

Another feeding station in front of the shop....a lovely snowy day!  Cardinal decided to join the little Juncos.  Really need to look for a new camera that has better zoom capability!!  What's holding me back?........Knowing that I will need to learn new things to operate it!!  

Almost fabric arrived this week!  Mary's Blenders from Mary Koval.

Love this Turquoise Blue is repeated from her Tree of Life collection that I love!

Loverly textured green for leaf applique!!

The next 3 are a clamshell motif in gold, rust and indigo blue......have to tell you the colors because that is another reason I need to new camera.....colors are not true.....tho it is likely the fault of the flash!

Guess that is it until next time...........................Continue to leave comments if you want to be included in the drawing for the Next Box of Samples!!  I sure hope they are of use to those who want to make small quilts.!!  I'll draw another name in a week or so!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winner of Fabric Samples is........................

Donna from North Texas!  If you would email me your mailing address, I will send them on their way!  Remember I said this was the last box of fabric samples?  Well, I found that it is not!  When I emptied the box in the attic to fill the flat rate box, I found an identical box underneath filled to the brim with More Samples!  I really hate to throw them out if someone out there would enjoy having them for little quilts............would make a great charm quilt!  So, I will draw another name in a week or so!  Don't know what I've been doing with my time lately...........sure don't have any "finishes" to show for it!  Been working on the little exhibition quilt and really need to stay focused on it as I am Not where I would like be in terms of the number of blocks finished!!  

Went looking around my Photos to see if there was anything to post here and found this Donation Quilt made with "Virginia" flamestich fabric, thinking it might pass for a "modern quilt"?  Closest I will probably ever come!  The pattern is an enlarged "Cut Glass Dish" in 4 inch units making it 24" square.

Leave a comment if you would like to receive a box of fabric samples!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What have I been doing all month?

Can't believe it has been 3 weeks since my last post! Have been working on projects but not finishing anything much!!  The mini-charm quilt from my last post is ready to bind.  Love the Old Cambridge Pike fabrics so much that I used them again for a small quilt/wallhanging.......Square-in-a-Square using a ruler I wanted to try from OpenGate.....worked very nice but when I went to re-order the Fit to be Square Ruler, the new ones seem to be able only square-up quilt blocks.  Guess I will need to check into that further!

New fabric arrived......"Georgetown" by Judie Rothermel.  From now on I will feature new fabric and shop news on my Busy Thimble Facebook page.....focus mainly on projects here and keep the posts shorter!! Here is the link.  Had to change the name to "Busy Thimble Maine" as there are two more Busy Thimbles out in Ohio and one in Australia!

Narrow Stripes are always nice for sashing for our little quilts!

Georgetown's focal fabrics are terrific!  Love these Jacobean-type designs!

This is "Chamberlain" from Windham.  Don't know why they named it Chamberlain because he is not on the panel of Generals!  Panel is called "Generals of the Potamac" and Chamberlain was from Maine.....a hero with the 20th Maine at Gettysburg in 1863.  Am right in love the the two serpentines....large, airy one at the top and the subtle ones at the bottom would be interesting sashing for a small quilt.  Did that once and it is one of my most favorite little quilts!

I have finally begun receiving the "Frivols" from Moda, beginning with #5 which is by French General.  The quilt is a chain-type and finishes 30" x 32"....these quilts are larger than I had thought when I ordered them.  Nice gift for a fellow quilter. The collectible tins are 4" x 7"......Quilters can always can find a use for these containers!

Frivol #6 is from Fig Tree quilts....a nice little Churn Dash quilt.....actually not that is 47" x 57"!!! I am selling the Frivols at the EverydayPrice of  $35, which is 20% off!!

Ready to start block 11 of Elegant Garden by Edyta Sitar.  I think I will use Broderie Perse in this one to replace the four flowers.  I liked this one from "Lately Arrived from London" but it is a bit

I found this Old Fabric that I think I will is Generations by Marcia McCloskey..........long time ago but I have always loved it.

 Tried a little Broderie Perse for this 6" block for the Make It Up as I Go Along 9-patch's going to have a little bit of everything in it by the time I finish!  This is a print from Maison de Garance by French General which she redid in LeMarais.  The background does not look as different in real life as it does in the photo........tho it would not bother me if it did! 

I've been working on the 6" Potholder blocks for the replica of the 1843 quilt I am making for the antique exhibit at MaineQuilts this summer.  I should have 20 blocks made by now and all I have is 3 completely done.  The Lemoyne star is ready to bind and the 4 Lemoyne stars below are ready to quilt!

This block has been the hardest to make so far.  And it is a tad too big, but I am Not doing it over!   Hopefully, I can quilt it enough to shrink it in (hate to cut off the points but maybe I will have to!)  Also found the background fabric to be too light so I coffee-dyed it.  The stars are 2-1/2".

Next up is the orange-peel applique block....four little 3" ones.....back-basting really makes it easier!  It is the second of the only two applique blocks in the quilt.  And I will be making the templates for another block of  four 3" Lemoyne stars.....not hard but time-consuming because I am so slow at hand-piecing.....I enjoy it but don't work very fast.   Have to convince myself to stay focused on this and stop getting sidetracked with other things! Like Blogs, Pinterest and Facebook!!  So much to look at nowadays!!

Leave a comment to be in the drawing for the last box of fabric samples!!