Saturday, September 18, 2021

Oh, Yes, I Do Have a Mini Finish!

 Thought I did not have any new finished mini but I do, if you can count a tablerunner!  I made a Courthouse Step runner years ago but my daughter wanted it so I let her have it.  Missed it so I made another using random strips from a box that has been accumulating for several years!  Then, I decided it should be handquilted and now it is on my table where it belongs!

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Certainly don't need another project but need something for pick-up work while the summer heat is here!  Seeing lots of "Circles" quilt lately inspired me to go through the scraps (real scraps plus the ones I Make!).  Peaceful stitching!

This little tin lunch box that contained the kit for "Hope" quilt several years ago is now the container for the circles as well as some Applecores that is my longest-term project.....started in 1994 from issue #8 of American Patchwork and Quilting!  It is nearly done......find that hand-piecing is relaxing and enjoyable!

Created the draft for this post Sep 8 and then forgot to post it!
Til next time!


  1. Sweet little runner- I don't blame you for missing the first one and wanting to make another. Wow! You've been working on a quilt since 1994? That is amazing. I admire you for being determined to finish it.

  2. What a great looking table runner, Cyndi. The quilting you have done on it looks beautiful!
    Your lovely handwork carries over to the applique of the circles and the hand stitching of the apple cores.
    I enjoyed enlarging the photos and getting a closer look at all those wonderful fabrics!

  3. Your courthouse step runner is fabulous and isn't it a good feeling to use scraps (even the ones we "make" lol). It's so charming, using a tin like that to organize hand piecing.

  4. Your mini quilt is so pretty and looks so vintage! I love it. I love your circles too. Would you mind telling me what size square and circle you are using? I love doing handwork. Thank you. Hugs,

    1. The circles will finish at 3-1/2" and the background squares will finish at 6"

  5. I always enjoy seeing what you've been working on and even those tucked away for a while!

  6. delightful little quilt and such exquisite quilting!

  7. Yikes! I don't know what is wrong with Blogger but this is the first time your post showed up to me. Guess I'd better pay more attention to my sidebar! Love this min. Especially nice when your wonderful minis can be functional too. Your circles are really piling up. After cutting the Maria's Sky circles, I realized I still needed 6 more fabrics to make certain that each fabric was different. So, I guess I have to wait for the next Betsy Chutchian line supposedly coming this Fall. I can't wait to see your circles in person again!