Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Charm Quilts #6 and Triangles

More charm quilts from the New England Quilt Museum exhibit in Lowell MA.  Current exhibit is Rhode Island quilts.

This little charmer was made by Pat Nickols, owner of many of the charm quilts in the exhibit.

Always interesting to see tho I have seen it many times, the Boston Pavement (aka tile quilt) is in the permanent collection of the museum.

Small quilts are always a favorite of mine.

Even simple squares make beautiful quilts!!

This is a Millenium Charm Quilt.

This is a unique touch....she had a square postmarked!

Postage Stamp quilts are another favorite (yes....I have a Lot of Favorites!)

Sorry for the blurriness! 

And there are still more Charm Quilts from the exhibit to come

The following is my method for making the Second Triangle border on my Medallion Quilt.  I did not want to follow the easy directions from Fons & Porter because that would yield me 4 Triangles alike and I wanted all to be different (nothing new there!).  So this is the RoundAbout way I approached it using only my trusty 6.5" square ruler from Creative Grids.  Not being a ruler collector as much as a fabric collector, I have only the squares in several sizes and the very necessary 6.5" x 24"!  

Some Fabric choices for the lights...guess I failed to take a picture of the darks...

 First I drew a 7-1/4" square on 1/4" graph paper (the size the pattern called for to be cut into four quarter square triangles).  Then drew in the diagonal lines which would have been the cutting lines for fabric.
 Placed my ruler over a single triangle until it fit perfectly.....now I know the size I need to cut: 3-5/8" x 7-1/4" rectangles.  The ruler shows that the lower corners need to be at 5-1/8".
 First fabric triangle seems to fit perfectly!  The proof will be when I finish a row to be attached to the Half Square Triangle border!

 Cutting another triangle from the rectangle.............
 Soon discovered I needed only 3-5/8" strips.....making sure the lower corners were at the 5-1/8" mark worked fine!
 Nice size triangles and 2 half square triangles for the HST Box .......that's another "story"!
 Selecting the lights and darks for the first border............I like "busy" fabrics for both the lights and the darks.  In original pattern in the magazine, it looks like the same light fabric was used for the entire Triangle border, and it was beautiful fabric, but I like the variety!
I check corners to be sure they are square......see how the diagonal line on the ruler follows the diagonal sewing line and the edges align with the ruler? Good indication that things are as they should be.
 Sewed alternating light and dark triangles......make sure you "offset" the triangles so that there is 1/4" seam allowance point on both ends of the seam.  Most points are fine and the ones that aren't?  I will live with them........


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I have trouble getting that quarter-inch offset correct when sewing the triangles together. My points are always blunted. Love that crazy orange-red-blue serpentine stripe fabric! (Is there a name for this border, other than "half-square triangle border"?)

  2. Very useful tutorial. I've never put a triangle border together but it is very nice and I like yours a lot so I just might try that on a quilt soon. Thanks for sharing the wonderful charm quilts too. I have enjoyed every single picture.

  3. I would love your scraps--great fabrics!

  4. Thank you so much for this inspiring post. Especially the tile quilt. I'm making my own version and you inspire me to pick it up again.

  5. Thanks for the charm quilt pictures---always fun to see more of these!! Your tutorial was pretty straight forward & easy to understand. I too would want more colors in those pieces.

  6. Love your charm quilt pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. First time reading your blog and I learned something already. I like your triangle border and how you figured out your way to do it!