Saturday, April 29, 2017

It's been a long, busy month with the Maine shophop, but now I plan to get back to my normal life in the slow lane!  Have been suffering from "sewing deprivation" and I hope to soon take care of that!

I got Pam Buda's Tokens of the Past "Autumn Sampler" patterns and fabric and was eager to start shop samples, but as you will see, I did not read her pattern first......after all, I have made hundreds of log cabin blocks over the years!  Well, tho I usually start with the light side, I found after I had nearly finished a block that Pam's design required starting with the Dark Side!  So.....I started another with dark side first and then put on the wrong color on the fourth round....the black is to be the sashing!   So......I started a third and finally got it right!  Not all in the same evening tho!  

The two wrong blocks......will make great mugrugs!!

Now to make three more like this!

Made this Tumbler runner using Miss Rosie's 'Lil Crumbler"in the 2" size....the template makes several sizes.  Used  408 fabrics, all different except for one duplication that I think I will leave.  Sewing the rows together was a breeze because the corners nested together so well with the seam allowances of each row pressed in alternating directions.  

Used little sandpaper dots to keep the small template from slipping around.

This runner was made with Miss Rosie's "Crumbler" which also makes several sizes of  Tumblers.  Two charm packs from Jo Morton were used, "Gratitude" and "Reflections".  Am handquilting it.

The shopkit for the new "Anthology" BOM  (starts in August) has arrived, uses 72 of the 182 patterns in the book by Carol Hopkins and Linda Koenig.  The block patterns are 4" x 5" .....most look quite easy (but not All!).  Fabric being used is Judie Rothermel's new line "American Swatch Card" (am sure I won't be able to stick with only 24 fabrics, but will add some from her many previous lines).

The first block in the book to give you an idea what they are like.

New fabric arrivals include "Indigo and Cheddar" Nancy Gere/Windham.

Snowfall by Minick/Simpson for that Paisley!

Wallpaper and Paint by Delores Smith for Marcus Bros.

Sweet Blend by Edyta Sitar

This little baby was born a couple days ago.....runs and plays the day away with her Mom in a little pasture next to the back yard.  LOVE the GREEN......seems like it was a long time coming this year!


  1. Love your tumbler runner....gorgeous! And that new indigo/cheddar fabric is SO yummy! So glad to see the grassy pasture (sweet little cows!)... hubby and I are heading north tomorrow!

  2. You've been busy! I love your tumblers - so fun to see all of the different fabrics. Really love those Judie fabrics - I think I NEED some of those!

  3. I drove over the mountain a week or so ago to find some of that Maple Lake line, only to be told their Marcus rep hadn't been around for some time. : ( Love those rich fall colors!
    A great tumbler runner. That could be a fun "eye spy" to find the one duplicated fabric.
    So many beautiful fabrics, but the indigo and cheddar really made me sit up and take notice!
    Isn't it a fun time on a farm? I am watching baby lambs frolic out my sewing room window every day.

  4. Glad to know that I am not the only one to jump right into a project only to realize I should have read the entire pattern first.

  5. Beautiful photos, as always. I'm crushing on that indigo and cheddar line.

  6. Yummiest fabrics and blocks.Fantastic projects,love them all.Happy sewing!!

  7. Cyndi, being the worst pattern-follower around, I honestly don't see the problem with your first two log cabin blocks!! they look good enough to me!! VBG
    If you have any time in the next couple of days, after you recover, can you give me a call? I definitely would like some of the navy/cheddar and Edyta's latest fabrics!

  8. How did I miss Judie's new line on Saturday? Goes to show you what yacking will do. I had a blast! It was nice that we had time to chat for a change.

    1. And one of them is a conversational! I can't wait until release in June!

  9. feel the same way about currently hoarding bro has 12 new lambs and they are adorable too...something about baby animals

  10. what a sweet baby calf. yes, thank goodness it is finally green in new england.
    lovely scrappy projects and the new fabrics are luscious

  11. Your Tumbler runner looks great !!!!

  12. Hi Cyndi, I just found your listings on eBay with Classic Conversationals. While I already have some of all of the prints you showed, I can always use more! Do you have any more hiding away? I understand why Wendy is suh a fan!

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