Friday, May 12, 2017

Exciting new goods at the quilt shop!!

"Rachel Remembered" from Betsy Chutchian is all shelved with precuts done!  Love this line!

Love that yellow/blue combination!!  

Plus these two yellows that didn't make it into the first fabric photo shoot as I had them set aside for cutting for the kit.  These bolts show the true color of the yellow.

Nice little striped shirting-types in 3 colors......

Love the background fabrics!  The 3 on the right would also be Great for Applique Backgrounds!

The photo below shows "truer" colors after I did some "adjusting"......they are warm tones not greyed.

Betsy calls the bolts below "Plantation Linen" as it is printed with a linen-type texture.

The blue in this line is gorgeous....whether it is used with off-white or the sunny yellow!!

"Morning Walk" is kitted for anyone else who loves it as much as I do!  Quilt measures 57" x 75" but could be made larger if that wonderful Jacobean-type print were used for a border......either color would look fantastic.  Also in the pattern is a small 20" x 27" that I think of it...I wonder why I did not start with the small one First?!?!

My first block for the "Morning Walk" quilt from Betsy Chutchian.  Loving it!

 Half-yard cuts filled two little crates!

Getting ready to start a Yet Another new quilt adventure!  This is the Anthology (4" x 5" blocks) BOM (which is Yet Another Trip down Memory Lane in that many blocks were pieced from really Old, Old Judie Rothermel fabrics!) by Carol Hopkins and Linda Koenig......the monthly pattern brochures are here!   Fabric delivery has been moved up to this month from the original August date.     Hope to get my first block done soon (think it will be Monday or Tuesday before I have any uninterrupted time to sew!)  and will be hanging them on the little "clothesline" where my Barbara Brackman stars from her fabric study blog a couple years ago!  Waiting for the right alternate block fabric to hit me between the eyes for that star quilt!

And These were just delivered  by UPS (well,actually Di Ford's book came a few days ago!):  Quiltmania #119 (already thumbed through it and it is Great As Usual!)   Di Ford's subtitle of Primarily Quilts 2 is ""It's all about the fabric" and she is Right!  Lots of fabrics and a real trip down memory lane for me as she dug deeply into her fabric collection to make these 14 quilts patterned in detail in her book!

And This Too!  Fat quarter bundles and 5" charms from Edyta Sitar's first line from Andover, "Blue Sky"!  The blue are Glorious and the line contains a good number of light backgrounds to accompany them! 
 Oh no!  Another quilt to start!  What should it be?  Please note that I am long on "starts" and seem to be short on "finishes"!!   Good thing I enjoy working on several things at once!   Til we meet again............................


  1. lots of pretty goodies as usual....i do like "blue sky"....

  2. Hi Cyndi! These fabrics are gorgeous! I think I need a trip up to Litchfield! Are you still open Wed-Sat?

    1. Yes, but good idea to call ahead....sometimes have appts and in June I plan to close when great-grandbabies are visiting from FL and AZ!

  3. Rachel Remembered is a beautiful line. Those two yellows with dabs of blue really caught my attention.
    If you should happen to kit up the small version of Morning Walk, let me know!
    I hadn't seen the Blue Sky line before this. Looks lovely!
    Looks like fun times at the cottage!!

    1. I will kit it up for you....perhaps you might like to look at the line on Moda website to be sure you like all the fabrics used in the small version. For myself, I plan to change out the blue for one of the darker ones.

  4. Cyndi, just read the above post's. I'm going to be in Maine and in your area on the 15/16th June. I hope I can catch you open ??? I need to top the stash up with your gorgeous fabrics.

  5. I was so glad that You have a big stock off older fabric so I could start with a new quilt from Di`s second book.
    And the new fabric you showed...gorgeous !!!

  6. Wow, anyone fabric is yummiest.Love your eye fabric and the block with the fussy cute is fantastic!

  7. Betsy is a friend of mine and I was so happy to visit with her the other day...and she designs gorgeous fabric!!

  8. Gorgeous fabrics, all of them. Wendy is so fortunate to have your shop near by!

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