Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Giveaway Winner and a Favorite Oldie But Goodie Fabric

The winner of my Giveaway of a box of fabric samples is Sandra Henderson!  Please contact me with your address and the box will be on its way to you!

Since I like to see photos on blog posts, I'll include this from my list of blog topics.     Going through some old fabric boxes and found some larger pieces of this old fabric from over 20 years ago........still love it.......and use a piece in lots of quilts.  Do you have such a favorite fabric too?  Back later to catch up on Stars in a Time Warp......need to find some Pillar Prints!!


  1. I do love that print.
    I love to put little bits of the last of a favorite into lots of scrappy projects, so it smiles at me from many quilts. : )

  2. thank yoU!!!!~
    I'm so excited!!!~

    I've stopped blogging since my cumberlandquiltchick blog,

    Now just not online much....

    Love the toile collection that I ordered from you!!!!~
    Still most are untouched, but keep on collecting them!
    YOu have the BEST selection of toile and reproduction fabric.

    I miss my old life, but trying to embrace my new one.

    In some strange way, you've helped me to reach a rope being thrown to me from the past. I do not wish this upon anyone.
    THank you for making my day.
    Sandra Henderson

    1. I Remember You, Sandra! I remember sending you the toiles and checking in on your blog. You lived on an island but have now moved to the mainland? Will put the box into the mail tomorrow morning! Hope you like the samples and can find a good use for them.....hope you will share what you make!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your pillar prints. I don't have any in my stash, but there's one coming up in Di Ford's Cloverdale collection.

    1. The whole Di Ford collection is already ordered! We need More Pillar Prints And Some others such as Shirtings, Conversationals, serpentines, etc, etc!!! Wish the fabric companies would be more agreeable to printing reproductions from late 18th Early 19th centuries! There Are some very good reproductions coming this fall!!

  4. Hmmm, I don't remember that print. How did I miss that one? Can't wait for the Di Ford. You know I'll want the whole line. I thought I had several pillar prints but could only find one this morning.

  5. yes gorgeous fabric no matter the age...