Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NEQM Prussian Blue #3 and QAL Quilt Blocks

More quilts from the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell MA "Prussian Blue" Exhibit

This is a pair of pillowcases probably from PA......maker had a big variety of scraps for her flying geese!

Sorry for the blurriness.....must have been too close....but you can see the Prussian blues!  Have always loved the color but now have a new appreciation of it!

Nineteenth Century clothing could be very colorful!!!

Dress pattern prior to sewing machines becoming widely available after the Civil War....can you imagine doing all these seams by hand?

This quiltmaker had a wide variety of Prussian Blue!

 New stars using Barbara Brackman's Stars in a Time Warp QAL, calico green on the left and then 3 purples.  Found too many purples I wanted to use!   Am caught up until today!  
 My Jane Stickle quilt blocks completed lately...A1 thru A5.  This will take a Looonng Time!  Too many quilts in my head and in the works! A3 andA5 are handpieced......will use whatever method will work for me!

 The 24 blocks below are from my other "Starts" of the Jane Stickle quilt, starting in 1998.......think I will use them for a "little quilt" or runner....can't bear not to use them but have decided the muslin I was using might not stand up to the test of time and so have begun using a slightly darker, heavier background from P&B.  Actually, the green star below is made from the new fabric but for some reason I wasn't happy with it so made Yet Another!

Another Ongoing Project!  Postage stamp blocks.....making each block 12x12 (144 per block) and aiming for 49 blocks set 7x7 for a 84" x 84" quilt which is as large as I need for my bed.  Can use this for Leaders and Enders if I run out of Railfence blocks and hst's currently being made.  
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  1. Great post! I've started to put Jane together, can you believe it!! It's funny you posted that first green block, because when I dug it out to start whipping together I noticed I had done it wrong (pinwheels are going the wrong way) so I had to make another! I should have just used yours! See you tomorrow. Can't wait!

    1. Would have been happy to give it to you! See you tomorrow!

  2. Great post as usual !! Thank you so much for the explanations about the Prussian Blue ! The quilt with squares are awesome...
    I began a DJ with 3 other friends in 2004 and ...never finished it ! It's a big work ! I still have to make 19 blocks ! Yours are beautiful as your stars !
    Hugs from France !

  3. Prussian blue is so enlivening! Thanks for sharing the background info.
    I feel like a slacker when I see all you are doing. Love everything--the stars, the DJ blocks and the postage stamp blocks!

  4. Such an interesting post! Can you imagine wearing those dresses?! Love the postage stamp block - so many wonderful fabrics!

  5. The European dress is especially lovely!!!

  6. I really like the purple time warp blocks & the cheddar of course!! The background fabrics available right now are great. I think you will be happy making them with the P & B fabric. Good Luck on keeping up stitching these blocks---your first row is lovely!!