Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quilting Hoops

A while back there was discussion on one of the Yahoo groups about quilting hoops.  Seems like it takes forever to find time to update this blog!  I like a 16" round hoop if working in my lap and also have a Homestead Hoop on a stand (29") that I haven't used for a long time as I haven't quilted any large quilts........too busy making the small quilts!  The "Lizzie's Tents" from Carol Hopkins Designs is in a Half Hoop that I have had for about 22 years! It is excellent quality cherry wood and I haven't seen them advertised in recent years.  Love the little wavy lines stencil for borders.......use it a lot!  The white lines are from the SewLine pencil that will easily come off when I get to it.  I quilted the main body of the quilt with an oval frame about 12" x 18" that I also got about 22 years ago.....seems like I don't have to move it so often as I do a round hoops!

I also like this little Q-Snap hoop (11" x 17") for little quilts.....easy to get just the right tension for handquilting!  Using a split wool batting in the little 4-patch easy to quilt!


  1. I have never seen the half hoops before - that looks like a great hoop - I want one! I always have troubles when I get to the borders, especially on smaller things. I will have to start searching for one of those!

  2. I agree with me & my stitches about the half hoop. I would love to have one of those. I usually use a 16" round hoop and I have a couple of the Q-Snap rectangular hoops, but that shape is awkward for me so I rarely use them. I do a lot of machine quilting also, but don't want to give up hand quilting - usually for smaller quilts.

  3. I made a cover thingy to make my 29" into a half hoop, but LOVE yours!
    Hard to look at the frame/hoop with those gorgeous quilts in the pictures.