Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Goods!

Restocked Applecore rubber stamps from Cindy Blackberg.  Love this runner I made by hand using her stamp and 147 Moda fabrics!  Applecores are 2" x 3"..

Also got more Tumbler Charm stamps!

AND, this new "Sunburst" for making 6" squares!

Also have more Panama Pyramid templates from Linda Collins, for both hand and machine-piecing.

Edyta Sitar's Blue Barn fabric is Beautiful!!

New from Windham is Rosewater in browns and soft pinks.

From P&B's Washington Street Studio is "Country French"  1850's blues (and browns and shirtings)!

Jo's complete line of 40 bolts of "Gratitude"!  "Reflections" coming in January!

This is "Courtyard" from 3 Sisters....gorgeous purples and peachy pinks!

A new Precut from Moda is "Treats".....3-1/2" squares.

Project sheet for using the Treats.  I made the one in lower left but added a border because the floral stripe is SO Beautiful I had to use it!  

I love flowers that just pop up from seemingly nowhere.....however, this Golden Glow (aka Outhouse Flower) Really Takes Over!  It is beautiful for a few days!!

Birds planted some sunflowers for me this year too!

While I work in my sewing room, I listen to audiobooks (wish I had kept a record of them over the years.....tho I do still have most of a few years they will seem like new books to me!)  Just finished "The Lake House" by Kate Morton......have listened to a few of her her twists and turns!  Did figure out who stole the baby but not the right reason!   Usually, I like biographies and historical fiction but sometimes find an author who really speaks to me!

 Scrap Box getting Full!!  Will send it to Someone as soon as it is crammed full!

And now begins my Favorite Season of the Year!!


  1. Thanks for sharing close-ups of the beautiful new fabrics. Lucky you to have such industrious birds to plant sunflower seeds for you.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  2. My goodness, such eye candy!
    Wonderful fabrics and playthings to delight a quilter's heart. Rosewater is beautiful, and I love the blues and browns of Country French!
    I wish the birds around me would do such a nice job of planting. What a happy sight. : )

  3. oooh cyndi...beautiful fabrics....and ditto about fave too! love those paisleys from 3 sisters...

  4. Why is it I see things here that I miss in the shop? Too much gabbing I think! Are you doing Linda's Pyramids by hand? I am toying with it but have to wait until after my Quilty 365 circles are done in November. Then that can be my new morning project. What fun!

    1. I made one block by hand and just yesterday one by will have to be done by machine if there is a prayer of a chance that I can finish it!

  5. Wow! Love seeing all the new fabric. Apple core is one I'd love to do. Is that hand pieced?

    1. Yes, it is! Love hand-piecing but I am slow at it!

  6. Anyone of the new fabric is so beautiful.Wish your shop was here,would be great.Do you sell online?

  7. Oh, my goodness! So many lovely new fabrics! Drooling may be going on :D
    I've put the pyramids on my next up list - but probably after the holidays for my sanity sake. Thanks for sharing, that was a whole lotta pictures!!

  8. Do you still sell the rubber stamps for quilting, Cindy Blackberg rubber stamps?
    Thank you, Elaine