Friday, September 23, 2016

EyeCandy for Lovers of Antique Fabrics!

A  customer brought in this Diamond Hexagons quilt to show when people do that!   This quilt was made from older blocks (pieced by hand) and assembled in the 1920-30's.  The quilt was then assembled, very expertly by machine.  Must have had a few extra diamonds that were combined with 1930's fabrics to make the quilt as large as possible!  Always happy to find an original antique fabric when I have the original!  Here is an old Windham print with matching diamond reproduction on the left!

And here it is again in a Tumbler Charm quilt showed to me by customer Shirley F. just a couple weeks ago!

I think the red/black print has been reproduced........

Loverly madder print.

Nice lace print on brown.

There are quite a few greens, many different.  Several have been reproduced for us!

Cheater fabric!

Nice novelty of tigers.

 From a toile....figures of children.  Clothes late 19th century?

Love yellow on blue.....we've had reproductions of this type also.

Another nice madder......

Lancaster Blue

Interesting dots........

Have seen this print often in New England this bright blue, red or tan.

This time a new color appeared......a blue green!

And here is the red......did not find any in the tan................

 The brown wavy design has been reproduced.....Judie Rothermel, I think!  Note the newer Eli Walker print that was used for setting triangles.

Another poison green.

Can you tell I love the madder colors?

Shaded ombre next to a claret.  Would be fun to photo all the pinks to see how many different ones.

More poison greens!

Windham reproduced these two greens.

Sneaking in a few more madders, as well as a Greek key.

 Looks like another cheater!

The purple/yellow fabric is later

And two of these prints are later......actually three!

Woven plaid in two different colorways.............

Nice horse head novelty..............

Nice handquilting!

Wish I had thought to take an overall photo of the quilt and the 1920-30 backing!


  1. I love to see those old pieces of fabric.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Wow! I love seeing those lovely fabrics up close. Lucky you to see it in person! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was a feast, Cyndi!! Love studying old quilts up close. I do recognize a few prints from other quilts, and a bunch of the greens that have been reproduced.
    Love those madders--and the novelty prints. Thanks for the close-ups! Must have been so fun to look this over!

  4. Considering the age of the quilt/fabrics it seems to be in pretty good condition. Nice piecing. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing so many different fabrics and making it a antique fabric study. That quilt had so many different prints and appeared to be in excellent condition.

  6. wow great fabric study. I wish I could get that tiger shirting again.

  7. As always, love the way you share the beautiful fabrics. This must have been a delightful quilt to spend time with.

    Carole S.

  8. So love to see these old fabrics! Thanks!

  9. What a fun little stroll through the Time Warp, Cyndi! Makes me want to pull out my Stars and play with them again. Thanks !

  10. Great fabrics in that Cyndi, funny how we love the oldies.

  11. Great fabrics - the double pinks are my lovely favorites :0) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  12. What a delight to see all those vintage fabrics. Makes me wonder about the story behind the possible garments they once were. If only quilts could talk!!

  13. Wonderful closeups of fabric. Very exciting to see some of the reproductions that I have in my stash. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. So great find.This is a fabulous quilt and love the close ups of the blocks.Thanks for sharing!

  15. Somebody PLEASE reproduce that tiger print!!!
    Love seeing all the fabrics, and would love to see more of that tumbler charm quilt, as I am making one using 1" papers from Paper Pieces, two thousand fabrics pieced so far with another 2,248 waiting to be added.