Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Potholder Quilt Update

Last block finished yesterday.  Just counted them and it is #19 ......Almost Halfway there!  Feeling the anxiety of approaching deadline!!!  Consoled by the fact that the hard ones are all done and the easy ones can be made in a sitting!    But I have to stay focused when I itch to start a couple new things And start handquilting my Colonial Medallion!!   Ended up making this block differently than I originally planned.  In the first photo, see the 4 hourglass blocks surrounded by triangles?  That's easy enough.........keep going...... 

But, I happened to glance at the picture at an angle and another idea came...........It is diagonal rows of half square triangles!  One of my Favorites!   Went together like a dream after making a drawing to figure sizes.  Just noticed that now it looks like a Pinwheel surrounded by 2 rows of triangles!

Someone asked to see my Colonial Medallion so here it is.......half of it anyway while it was still a top.  The center is the John Hewson panel reproduced by Andover of a printed panel he did in the 1790's in Philadelphia.

Until next time..........should have the first row assembled........I'm slow at whipstitching!


  1. Isn't it nice how a different perspective can make things a whole lot easier? Good job figuring that out.
    The medallion quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Your medallion quilt is stunning. The potholder block turned out nice with the pinwheels. Your work is so accurate and colorful!!

  3. oooh that colonial medallion is sooo beautiful...and i know the execution is perfect as it!

  4. Funny how we see things differently from different angles. I see it as half square triangles now that you point it out. Can't wait to see that medallion quilted (no pressure!) I just love it!!! I still have 2 more borders to quilt on my little repro! We can do it!

  5. The medallion quilt is wonderful. I think the star border is my favorite of all the rounds you made.

  6. Your medallion quilt if fabulous!!!