Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Stars and New Fabrics

Time warp stars for sprigged, Indiennes, and Provincial.  The blue star is "double-sprigged"!

New Fabric Arrival!  Le Marais from French General......border stripes in 4 colorways.

Large Jacobean-type florals.

Smaller Jacobean-type florals.

Lights for backgrounds.

And TOILES!  Love Toiles.....got all 5 colorways.

I've been sewing 1-1/2" squares together to surround this basket from the Eagle Medallion fabric line.  Sometimes I like to just sit and sew to relax, not working on some specific project......just sewing......and listening to an audiobook......currently the story of Eddie Rickenbacher, WWI flier.

Love quiet evenings at home when I can sit and stitch!  Recently finished block #9 of Edyta Sitar's "Elegant Garden"........only 15 more to go!!  Only????  Don't know when I started these but the patterns are dated 2007!!!!

Here is a "Sneak Peek" at Club #15 that Jo sent!

And, Jo will have a book published early in 2016 of patterns of her quilts that have been available only in her Little Women Club!!

Here are some photos of the Fitzroy Inn where we stayed in Charlottetown PEI Canada in September.   Be careful, this wallpaper might shock you!  I  love wallpaper, especially antique designs.  This room had Many Angles and whoever papered the walls did an excellent job!

The little alcove behind my granddaughter, Jeni, is the window that can be seen on the third floor of the photo showing the front of the house, built in 1872.  Jeni made all the plans and she knew exactly what I would like and thankfully, she likes many of the same things I do!!  I recommend this Bed and Breakfast highly!!

Our room was the left window on the roof......I think it was 55 steps UP to the third floor!  Got my exercise for the day!

Looking down the stairs from the bedroom doorway.

Another view of the hall outside our door.  There were 3 rooms on the third floor.....one of them was the best suite!  

Lovely antiques filled each and every room.

This was a sitting/reading area at the end of the hall on the second floor, opposite the stairs seen above.

The view as you enter the front door.

One of the double parlors.

The other parlor!

 The dining room all set for breakfast, which was Wonderful.  Food choices were excellent and the hostesses very friendly!

Front door.

And I will end with something "quilty"....the floor in the red parlor had a Courthouse Steps design!  Next time I'll have photos of Green Gables.


  1. Such a fun post, Cyndi! Your stars look great, I love the new fabrics--wonderful stripes and Toiles!
    Your medallion quilt is intriguing and your appliqued block is lovely.
    I enjoyed the sneak peek of Jo's new designs, and her book.
    And to finish up with photos of that lovely B&B. I want to stay there. What a beautiful place!

  2. The French General fabric is beautiful. Will be watching for the Jo Morton book to be released. Not sure about that wallpaper--think it would have made my eyes go wonky.

    1. Wait until you see the wallpaper in the hallway at Green Gables!

  3. oooh lovely new fabrics there...i too am waiting for jo's book....gorgeous vaca photos, what a beautiful vintage place to stay and soak in the aura of days gone by....

  4. The B&B is amazing!! So are the new fabric arrivals!!

  5. What lovely photos of the B & B. I'm so glad you had time together too. You have to stop ordering those wonderful border prints and toiles! Guess I know what I'll be buying tomorrow. See you then.

    1. Lovely new toiles! I may "need" some of those. :)That B&B looks wonderful. I'll bet you and your granddaughter had great fun. Thanks for sharing!

    2. And your cheddar fabric is waiting for you too! Almost lost it but found it again!

  6. I sure enjoyed your pictures of the bed and breakfast - thanks for sharing. :0)

  7. Great Time Warp stars, lovely Toiles, wonderful medallion (saw some conversationals in there!) and what a treat to get to spend time at that B&B with your GD! Wish I could come shopping with Wendy!

  8. What a beautiful residence, lovely place.
    Love your pretty applique block and all these wonderful makings.
    Thank you for sharing,you have just extended my wish list in many ways.

  9. Those border stripes and toiles are so beautiful! And I love your Elegant Garden block.....lovely!

  10. Wendy in NH
    I admire how much sewing you get done Cyndi. I love French General, especially those Jacobean florals in woad blue. I like that blue & white dining room at the B & B....you know me, love that fresh blue & white combo. Take care!

  11. Lovely post, Cyndi! Love the fabrics and the yummy French General...such traditional fabrics--- they are "treasures" for sure.

    Thanks for the tour of the B&B-- would love to stay there!